Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sample Dunwoody Ballot

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Greg said...

An almost unnoticed and potentially costly item has been added to the Dunwoody ballot in addition to the Parks Referendum. The City Manager has asked for the authority to pass Tax Allocation Districts (TAD's)and little or no information has been given to the public about the pro's and con's of this measure.

In a nutshell, the City Manager and the Council are trying to "backstop" the Parks bill should it fail by trying to create another funding source for acquisition of property and redevelopment.

The TAD is nothing more than an alternative to revenue bonds, betting that the enhancements to properties made with TAD-bonds will generate sufficient incremental tax revenue to offset the cost of the bonds.

This is a very "non-transparent" and, to my mind, deceptive program that the City Manager hopes will fly under-the-radar.

Council should certainly take the responsibility for discussing and explaining this program prior to the vote on November 8th.