Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin and Pepper Harvest

I was watching the DeKalb School Board meeting online and just had to get outside and take a break. Tomorrow is food pantry day for Team Food Pantry at the Brook Run garden so I took the opportunity to harvest in the evening instead of the chilly morning. 
a few pounds of peppers, perhaps the last of the season (about 75 pounds donated this year)

Dunwoody pumpkins
My youngest daughter and I planted pumpkin seeds about 100 days ago
For those of you wanting pumpkins I saw the kids selling tonight at Dunwoody Methodist church.  There was word of a pumpkin shortage this year but I've seen many around.  Perhaps buy early.

Growing produce is like running a business or being a member of city council.  You must first determine your needs and plan accordingly.  Make a budget, using your resources wisely.  Don't plant more than you can maintain.  Rid your garden of rodents.  Don't let your hard work rot on the vine.

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