Thursday, October 13, 2011

Political Signs

Every political season we hear about yard signs of candidates being stolen.  I have not heard much of that happening here in Dunwoody during this campaign season.  It seems as the campaigns and supporters are on their best behavior. There have been a few issues of signs being placed improperly, but that is not always the candidate's fault.  Often times an overzealous supporter will put signs out for a candidate, perhaps not knowing the rules. If someone places a sign in your yard without your approval, I suggest you contact the candidate directly.

Here's some bad press for a candidate for office in Covington:

See the AJC story HERE

On a more positive note, I have back in stock more 'Rick Callihan for Dunwoody Council' signs.  If you would like a sign, please email me at

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Nancy Jester said...

You did a terrific job tonight at the candidate forum!