Thursday, September 15, 2011

Have a Kid Who Uses Internet or Cell Phone? CBS TV Special Report

I know, Friday nights we have high school football, dinner parties on the back deck, or maybe even a family visit to Mellow Mushroom or Village Burger.  I'm not  a huge fan of network news or their special news shows, but an airing this Friday is something you should consider viewing with your kids (or have your kids watch without you). One thing that puzzles me about the CBS special is that they are encouraging using Facebook and Twitter for viewers.  So, there is a problem with bullying on social media and while using electronic devices, so they are encouraging more use of these?  Anyway, hopefully the TV episode will be educational.  Since your tween or teen already has plans for Friday night, DVR the event for later in the weekend.

The show is called "Bullying: Words Can Kill".  Below is the official press release from CBS:

Hello –

I am touching base from CBS News to inform you that for the last year CBS News has been working on a special report about bullying in the digital age. Produced by the team behind the award winning, 48 Hours this primetime special called “Bullying: Words Can Kill,” will air Friday, September 16th at 8:00 PM on your local CBS station.

While bullying is not a new phenomenon, cyberbullying is—and it has turned up the heat on peer-to-peer harassment.  Computers and cell phones now bring children and teens closer to their friends, as well as their enemies—sometimes with fatal results. This special report is an in-depth look at how this serious issue is affecting hundreds of thousands of students across the country—and what parents, educators and legislators can do to help keep children safe.

Viewers will be given a firsthand look at bullying and cyberbullying through the eyes of those who are targeted, their parents, and a middle school in Rhode Island that is proactively working on alleviating and preventing bullying in their school. The report also includes interviews with parents who have lost their children to suicide, because they couldn’t live through another day of bullying. Those parents have now dedicated their lives to saving other children from the same fate. To see more about the show please visit our webpage HERE.

During the broadcast on September 16th, correspondent Tracy Smith and producers of the show will be live on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE  taking questions from viewers. We sincerely hope that the discussion continues in homes and schools around the country.

We invite you, your faculty, students and parents to tune in to this important broadcast. Attached are materials we hope you will use to help us get the word out about the documentary.  Please feel free to post the attached flyer around your school, encourage your school community to participate in our Tweet-up, and to forward the contents of this email to the decision-makers in your district, including teachers, parents, guidance counselors and administrators.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Elizabeth Wasden
Director, Communications
CBS News

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