Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DeKalb Parents GrassRoots Effort

DCSS Superintendent finalist announced. Now what?

This past Friday, August 11 at 11:00 p.m., the DeKalb County School System (DCSS) issued a press release announcing one finalist for the superintendent position.  The vote by the DeKalb Board of Education to hire Cheryl Atkinson who is presently superintendent of the Lorain, Ohio City Schools will take place as early as Friday, August 25.

Facts, figures, and some background information on Cheryl Atkinson and the Lorain City Schools can be found here on this blog post.

A quick comparison of the basic numbers of the Lorain City Schools and DCSS can be found here.

Positions of two Board of Education members on this candidate can be found here.

The WSB-TV report from Saturday, August 12 can be viewed here.

Mobilization Alert
Based on yesterday's poll, there is an overwhelming desire among parents and other residents to oppose the hiring of Cheryl Atkinson as superintendent.  The detailed poll results will be announced soon.

Regardless of how you completed the questions in yesterday's poll, if you want to be actively involved in organizing or participating to take this message to the streets and to the Dekalb Board of Education,
you must complete this form ASAP.  In addition to some more outgoing approaches, there are opportunities for behind the scenes work and participating anonymously.

“Your [DeKalb County School] system is perfectly designed to give you the results that you get.” — W. Edwards Deming1 [with edits]
In other words, if you believe DCSS is giving DeKalb children the best possible education, sit back and enjoy life.

How Everyone Can Help
This organization was founded to be an ongoing voice for the children of DeKalb County.  You should continue to encourage parents and other residents to connect with us by completing the still in progress DeKalb County School System approval rating poll which is approaching 500 responses.  As we grow, so does our ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently our message that we will no longer accept anything less than the best educational opportunities for the children of DeKalb County.

Here's one school that posted the message to their web site. Has yours? And why not?  Follow its lead.  Get something going.  There's not one parent at your school or in all of DeKalb who shouldn't be on our contact list. The importance of growing our reach to ALL OF DEKALB cannot be stressed enough. Let's build bridges, not walls.

Do your part now!
Tell everyone you know who cares about the education of DeKalb's children to go to ParentsForDeKalbSchools.org
Parents for DeKalb County Schools
http://www.ParentsForDeKalbSchools.org (see our updated description and mission)

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