Monday, July 25, 2011

Southeast HomeSchool Expo

The HomeSchool Expo is this weekend in Marietta (at the Galleria)

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There are guest speakers, workshops (for those interested in learning the ins and outs of homeschooling and for the experienced), a college fair (yes, lots of colleges aggressively recruit home-schooled kids), etc.

Even if you do not homeschool you may find the book/workbook selection of interest. Parents can purchase books or an entire curriculum on site. Many parents use the public schools but supplement using certain math programs.

Here's a story from TulsaWorld from a couple years ago.

Although the hard-core home-school parents don't like it much the public schools are even involved in home-schooling.  DeKalb County has a program with a private company called K12.  It's called Georgia Cyber Academy. It may be too late to enroll, but take a look, maybe not too late.  Anyway, K12 has a solid program.  Students log in to an account and lesson plans are already there, for the entire school year.  There is some involvement from a "teacher" as per the state's rules, but it's fairly minimal and won't negatively affect your efforts.  If you have never home schooled, K12 (through DeKalb County, or just buy it and the books on your own) offers a solid program.

Dunwoody/Alpharetta area has lots of options for home-school groups, including accredited classes.  These classes are usually at a church. 

Some resources:

There are no exact numbers for the number of kids being home-schooled in Dunwoody, but I estimate it to be about 250-300 kids in grades K-12.

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