Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rewarding Bad Behavior & Is the Source of the Leaks Now Known?

Richard Belcher, the latest media tool for a disgruntled DeKalb School Board member is at it again, this time with full cooperation of the school board chairman.  Let's back up a minute.  The school system is trying needs to hire a superintendent, eventually.  Discussions with candidates happen behind closed doors, and the details are supposed to stay there as well.

So a person(s) on the school board has twice revealed information to Channel 2 News, and Channel 2's Richard Belcher has taken these private sessions public.  We're not talking about some issue of national security, but secrecy is still important here.  Belcher knows the history of DeKalb, and he knows the situation in the school system.  He probably knows that thousands and thousands of kids suffer academically, partially due to poor decision making by the past boards and past superintendents. Belcher has intentionally derailed the superintendent search, thus the designation here of being a media tool.  Look for Belcher to win the Southeastern Regional Emmy for "Tool of the Year".  Enough on Belcher, he's simply trying to live in the shadow of John Bachman.

So a local TV guy is blabbing on TV about your Board's private discussions on a search for a superintendent.  What do you do if you are Board Chairman and Belcher requests a sit-down interview?  Ignore him?  Explain to him that his reporting of leaks is costing DeKalb taxpayers money?  Ask him to allow the process of hiring a superintendent to continue, without the leaks?  Tell him what he did was wrong?  Nah, that makes too much sense. How about you grant him the interview, then during the interview possibly VIOLATE DEKALB"S ETHICS POLICY BY ANNOUNCING AN EXTENSION TO RAMONA TYSON'S CONTRACT AS SUPERINTENDENT.

In review of the last two school board meetings nothing was discussed in regards to extending Tyson's "temporary" role as superintendent, thus keeping the DeKalb Friends & Family program rolling along.  Based on a new interview with Belcher and Tom Bowen (school board chair), an extension for Tyson was discussed in Executive Session, not publicly.  For Bowen to announce this to DeKalb taxpayers, parents, and students, via a TV interview with the guy reporting all the leaks is very troublesome.

Here is a link to the TV interview.

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