Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Mike Davis at Village Burger, Free Dessert

Mike Davis launched his campaign officially via the Dunwoody Crier. Mike will be kicking off the campaign tour Thursday evening at Village Burger.  Stop by and meet Mr. Davis and enjoy a frozen custard (I know, we Americans cringe at the term "custard", but just think of it as soft serve ice-cream, good-tasting for sure).

On the topic of Village Burger, I visit there a couple times a week.  Last night I stopped by after the Roberts Road Rumble Chamblee-Dunwoody Disaster and had a couple of Fat Tire drafts.  This is swim team season in metro Atlanta.  Last week Redfield took on a tough Dunwoody North team.  King John and Dunwoody Mom's swim club did a great job, but the Sun Devils prevailed this year (Dunwoody North won last year).  Last night neighboring swim teams Redfield and Wynterhall faced off in the battle for northwest Dunwoody bragging rights.  Lots of celebrities in attendance last night.  I think TheOtherDunwoody may have even stopped by to check out the scene. Redfield picked up win #2 of the season and has a tough opponent in DCC next week.  It's great to see the kids out there having fun in the pool.

Back to the Mike Davis campaign.  The Village Burger site (formerly Bruster's) was the launch site for previous campaigns including Tom Taylor's city council run (he's now our State Rep).  Stop by and get a free frozen custard and check out the scene.  Lots of local celebrities sure to be present.  DunwoodyTalk staff will be there, and maybe a guest appearance by Chip.  The event starts at 7:30 PM tomorrow night.

As of now there are two officially declared candidates for mayor, Mike Davis and Bob Dallas.  A couple of other folks are thinking about it.

All has been quiet from District 2.  No word from Mr. Ross, and no candidates putting their name out there.

District 3 has incumbent John Heneghan running, and I doubt you'll see any opposition.

District 1 has the incumbent, Robert Wittenstein, running for re-election.  No others have yet to throw their name in the hat, but look for two, possibly three people to challenge the incumbent. 

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