Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Councilman Ross Not Seeking Reelection

Earlier today I posted the official announcement from Mr. Ross regarding his intentions to not run for the at-large council seat for district 2.  Mr. Ross, over the past couple of years, has been the most interesting councilman to follow.  He took the biggest risks, created his own video presentations, and made passionate arguments.  Mr. Ross dreamed big, most notably supporting a local non-profit to bring the GA Music Hall of Fame to Dunwoody.  Although the effort to relocate the Hall anywhere failed due to political interference at the state level (the Hall now is being dismantled) Mr. Ross worked honestly on the bid effort.  It would have been the biggest attraction in Dunwoody, aside from the Perimeter Mall. The future of the Spruill site is still in question, but we can only hope the failed effort to put apartments/condos there does not come up again.

I agreed with Mr. Ross (and Mr. Shortal) on keeping our 911 with DeKalb County.  The official 911 move to Sandy Springs occurs in October of this year, just prior to the city elections.  Hopefully it will be a smooth transition.  Considering the higher costs to taxpayers and all the accolades tossed around for the Sandy Springs 911 program, one would expect a seamless move.

There were things that I disagreed with Mr. Ross on, but if you follow all the issues sooner or later you'll find a disagreement with each council member.  One thing I know from attending most council meetings is that Mr. Ross always wanted a better Dunwoody.  He spent hours creating and tweaking  presentations, spoke to city residents, and sought outside counsel on issues like 911.  Officially council is a part-time job, but like our mayor and council members, he worked it as a full-time gig.

Thanks for your service, Mr. Ross. Enjoy fishing down on the bayou.

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