Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lemonade Days Starts Thursday in FunWoody

Lemonade Days at Brook Run park runs this Thursday through Sunday.  If you have kids Thursday is the best day to attend Lemonade Days. But Thursday is a school day you say?  Forget about it.  School in DeKalb County really ends the Friday before Spring Break.  There are only three things left for kids to do the remaining weeks of school:

1. practice for the CRCT test
2. help teachers pack their rooms and do mindless worksheets
3. practice for the CRCT test

Here's a tip for you elementary school parents:  The CRCT is not the end-all of student evaluations.  However, that does not stop teachers from starting CRCT practice around October, seven months ahead of time.  Many teachers focus not on basic skills, but rather on filling in dots and practicing test-type questions.  Teach direct and indirect objects?  Nope, not on the test.  Teach how to address an envelope?  Nope, not on the test.  Teach when to use who/whom?  Doubtful.  You kids out there, make sure to keep practicing those CRCT skills, you never know when a future employee may ask you to choose the best of four answers then fill in a bubble with a sharp #2 graphite stick.

Sorry about that, let's get back to Lemonade Days.  Well, actually, let's wait a minute.  Am I the only person hoping today was the last 'walk to school' day?  I have no issue with WTSD except that it is something we have to force.  Kids are lured into walking to school (at least the final 50 feet to school) with promises of a Golden Shoe to display on a teacher's shelf, or maybe an ice cream party for highest participation.  Next year, thanks to sensible redistricting and the elimination of the Crawford Lewis 4th 5th Womack Road Academy, we'll see a more natural pattern of biking and walking to school.

How about a Golden Pencil for kids who showed up to school on a regular basis, learned what was taught without disturbing the other students in class, and peacefully obeyed the government's school's dress code while eating lunch in an assigned seat while not talking. A special Golden Toilet could also be awarded to the best trailer class.  The Golden Toilet winner is the class whose students were able to sit in a rental trailer all year while never walking indoors to use a toilet.  These kids were able to avoid drinking liquids every day of the school year so as to earn this award for their teacher.

I forgot this post was supposed to be positive and uplifting, so let's move on to Lemonade Days.

Again, Thursday is the night to attend Lemonade Days if you have kids age 11 and under.  The tween and teen crowd will insist on Friday or Saturday night.  But looks like rain Friday, so Saturday will be the big night as usual. Visit King John's Blog for coupons


Last year on this blog we discussed the possibility of a Dunk Tank, filled with local celebrities, for Lemonade Days.  This year, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Dunk Tank Line-Up Coming Soon.  Check Back later today

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