Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dunwoody Lemonade Days 2011

Great weather and great people tonight at opening night for Lemonade Days.  Kids were out having fun as parents mingled.  Lemonade Days is the big fundraising event for the Dunwoody Preservation Trust (DPT).  Many of the DPT members are hard-core FarmHousers, an enjoyable group to be around. If nothing else, the FarmHousers keep it interesting in Dunwoody. They do some good work in the community.
Volunteers/Lemonade Days Staff

The DPT goal is more than the FarmHouse.  Visit their web site for more of their work.  Hats off to all the people volunteering this week at Brook Run for Lemonade Days, and hats off to the Carny crowd.  I really enjoy the carnival atmosphere.  Nothing better than roaming Carnies.  Eastern Europe has gypsies, the USA has Carnies.
Here's a replica of the FarmHouse that is up for raffle.  Tickets are $10.  The mini FarmHouse will be raffled after the Dunwoody July 4th parade.  If I win this hopefully the city will issue a permit for me.  I'll be renting this place out for kid tea parties, First Communion parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, etc.  I'll even install a couple of axles and wheels, hitch it to the Honda Odyssey, and cruise to the VB in Da Vil.
the model who posed for this mural (the lady at bottom left) will be in the Dunk Tank Friday at 8:30 PM
The Spider

Lots of food choices.  I usually buy food from the local groups instead of the Carnies.  I'm sure the Carny food is okay, just my choice.  The local food vendors covered a wide range:  BBQ, Chinese, Cajun, Mexican, and Traditional.  Even though I ate at Los Rancheros last night with the kids ($.99 tacos every Wednesday and $1.99 drafts) I opted for a couple of beef tacos.  A couple of kids under my watchful eye ate from Emma's while others in my posse opted for BBQ.  All good choices.  Expect to spend $6 or so per person for some grub.  No alcohol sold on site, so after your kids get dizzy drop them off at home and head to Village Burger for a couple of drafts and seasoned fries.  Once that Dunwoody Parkway project is complete the VB will be a hot spot for sitting on the patio drinking beers while your wife takes care of the kids.

Quite a variety of rides.  I saw stuff for the Pre-K crowd, and stuff that made the 8th graders scream.  One thing i noticed this year was lots of bench seating and lots of tables for eating.
Some games of chance are better than others, I guess.  I'm not big on the games of chance/luck.  Maybe your three year-old would enjoy pulling a $3 plastic duck out of the water for a 23¢ "prize", but I'll pass.  If your kid nags you to near death over a game, at least wait until the end of the night so you're not the fool carrying around an inflatable baseball bat for three hours.
A Yankee Hill Machine AR would tear this target up a bit

When you enter the Lemonade Days area of the park, make a right and go down to the end for the best rides. The most popular two rides are the Starship (aka The Gravitron) and the Himalaya. The Himalaya ride plays loud music.  Tonight I heard Top 40 followed by some Heavy Metal.  The guy running the ride is part DJ (on loan from the Oasis?), part Ride Operator, part Janitor, all Carny.  He kept things lively for sure.  I'm a people-watcher, and it's as enjoyable watching him as it is watching kids spin around the Himalaya.  I forgot the Flip video so you'll have to visit his part of the Universe to check it out. The dunk tank is down by the Himalaya ride so this area will be jam packed this weekend.

one of many benches
The Sea Ray going under a visual inspection prior to launch
DJ Himalya
Sea Ray
Janitor Himalaya.  Tip of the day: When riding the Himalaya, don't sit behind the girl who just ate a funnel cake, a bag of cotton candy, and drank two large lemonades

Like last year, Lemonade Days earns an A+ for family fun.  Take the kids this weekend and have some fun.

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