Friday, April 15, 2011

All Hail

I received a few text messages from DeKalb County and a cell phone call from an automated service from Sandy Springs warning me to take cover.  The DunwoodyTalk posse (and a couple of other kids on loan for a sleep-over) took cover in the DunwoodyTalk bunker.  Just returned from the St. Jude fish fry, we were all fed and enjoying a pleasant documentary on wild boars.  It seems as those pesky Russian hogs have been mating with our fine American hogs, and well,... you get the idea.  These hogs seem to be a problem in some areas, but no sightings near Dunwoody so sleep easy tonight (just keep an eye open for coyotes).

Anyway, back to the storm. A weird fog rolled in after the hail pummeled my broccoli.  I knew it was a good idea to not plant my garden boxes last week.
fog and an eerie glow on Spalding Drive

The illumination is courtesy of my Coast X21 Light Cannon.  It's a great light when you really need to bring 1000 lumens to the party.  At $400 it's a bit pricey, but as they say in the lighting business, 'go big or stay home'.  A Streamlight Ultra Stinger is a good back up light and comes with a car charger.

The dense fog and low light out yonder was a good opportunity to try out the PVS-14 NVD.  A new FLIR unit on order so the PVS-14 will be just fine for another week.

Hope everyone made it through the night okay.

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