Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dunwoody Retail Activity

 Dunwoody Pediatrics will soon move across Dunwoody Parkway.  Their new office will between Curves and the 1420 Room (behind Village Burger).  I remember the days at Dunwoody Pediatrics when you could smell the Mongolian Beef from Ya Shu Yen. 

Speaking of Ya Shu Yen, it's still gone.  Today some old Chinese cooking equipment was hauled out and moved to a coin-operated truck wash for a date with a de-greaser. So what's next for the former Ya Shu Yen site?  How about an Italian restaurant?  Maybe call it Carbonara? Too bad the kid doctors are moving - they would probably enjoy the smell of a nice red sauce simmering.

And finally, a brief word about newspapers.  The Crier comes out weekly Tuesday, the Dunwoody Reporter  every other Friday, and we also have the Dunwoody Neighbor.  You can find all three at separate locations, but now you can get the current issues for each paper at American Mail, beside Mellow Mushroom. Stop in and grab all three.

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