Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocks and Guns

Hard not to notice all the 'revolutions' going on around the world.  Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and elsewhere.  Greece has seen a little of the action as of late.  We even have cheese-heads ruffling their feathers.

Some people wonder, "Could this happen in modern-day America?" Would (Could) people rise up?  In Wisconsin we've seen a big turn out of protesters.  No violence really, just public employees demanding the right to continue to extort money from their tax-paying neighbors.  The teachers had their students show up and protest.  It's nice to see the youth turn out to protest something they don't understand.  And the reason they don't understand it is because of the people they are actually protesting with at the state's capitol (the teachers).  But this post is not about unions, it's about 'revolution'.

If a segment of the USA decided to overthrow a government, would they be using rocks like in Egypt? Would you be able to protect your family from looters and escaped convicts if something like Libya happened here?  If our Government became more like those in Egypt and Libya would people still be able to own firearms to protect their families? We see stories in the Middle East of fighter pilots refusing to bomb civilians and police forces joining in the protests.  What would happen locally?  What would happen across the country.  I doubt we'll get to that point in the next 25years, but something to ponder.

In the Middle East ownership of firearms is limited.  Thus, the good people there have a tough time defending themselves against the bad people there.
weapon supplier in USA
weapon supplier in Egypt
Here's an exert from an article on people organizing to protect lives and property in Egypt during the turmoil:
CAIRO -- When Egypt's police melted from the streets of Cairo this weekend, the people stepped in.

Civilians armed with
knives, axes, golf clubs, firebombs, metal bars and makeshift spears watched over many neighborhoods in the sprawling capital of 18 million this weekend, defending their families and homes against widespread looting and lawlessness.

The thugs had exploited the chaos created by the largest anti-government protests in decades and the military failed to fill the vacuum left by police.

On Saturday, the army sent out an appeal for citizens to help.

"The military encourages neighborhood youth to defend their property and their honor," it said in a statement.

On Sunday, joint teams of civilians and military were patrolling, some with guard dogs.

Mohammed Gafaar, a 34-year old salesman in the Nasr City area, said his neighborhood watch organized soon after the night curfew went into force at 4 p.m. They did it at the behest of residents, who appealed for protection of their property, sending out the call from the local mosque.

"I feel betrayed by the police," said Gaafar, who had carried rocks, a stick and a firebomb in a soda bottle. "They have to be tried for the protesters they killed and for their treason. They left the country to be looted. I am angry at the regime."
Remember New Orleans after Katrina?  A meltdown of society.
Side Note: People are always talking about GOLD as an investment for when TSHTF, but I disagree.  After Katrina did we see people on the streets selling gold?  Were the gold folks secure in New Orleans?  No and No.  You want to be secure in case of civil unrest?  Stock pile water (or have a well), food, and have access to something a little more useful than rocks.

Remember the riots in 1992 in Los Angeles (and downtown Atlanta)? 

I read once where a guy compared gun ownership to owning a fire extinguisher for your home or car.  Why own a fire extinguisher when you can simply call the fire department?  I think DunwoodyTalk readers can answer that question.  Here's the second question Why own a gun when you can call the police department?  The answer to both questions is the same. Of course owning a fire extinguisher requires less training and less responsibility.

I don't think the thousands of Egyptians protesting should have been armed.  I believe in the peaceful/non-violent protest as promoted by the late MLK.  But the public protests are not where people need protection. It is in small-group and at homes, away from the TV cameras. Protest organizers have long been targets of political assassinations and are in need of the right to self protection.

So go out and find that fire extinguisher that fits your hand well and put some rounds down range.  Practice, train, and keep it secure.

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