Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dunwoody Buying PVC Farm

DunwoodyTalk sources have discovered that the City of Dunwoody has negotiated a deal whereas it becomes owner of a large tract of land known as the PVC Farm.  The site is an abandoned piece of property, now owned by Wells Fargo Bank, intended to be built out as a residential development.

I  thought this spot would have been plucked up by DeKalb County Schools as it is a decent size (between 10 and 15 acres) for an elementary school, but you snooze and you lose.  DeKalb Schools will have to look elsewhere for a school site. Or, the city could use the property as trade-bait with the school system.  If the penny sales tax (SPLOST) does not go through (due to City of Atlanta) DeKalb's 2020 Vision turns into 2050 Vision and no schools get built for ten years. This could be the home of the new Vanderlyn Elementary with the city acquiring the Vanderlyn site for a park.  We'd really need a vertical map then.

the big question is, what will the city do with the property?  An off-track betting casino?  Future site for a city hall and police department?  A park? How about a dog park?  Plenty of sunlight and dog owners could train their dogs to 'do their business' in the PVC stubs. 

Most likely the city will use this property in the short term as a park, but Dunwoody needs a park on the north side more so than this area.  But this is where land is least expensive in Dunwoody.  With new rules on the books for developing property, part of this property would have been green space (if it were to be developed for apartments or businesses) even if they city did not buy it.

This is the first of probably three or four land purchases by the city.  What, you never heard of talk about buying land by city council?  Well, after each meeting council adjourns to executive session.  In executive session they discuss personal business, possible real estate transactions, and also they talk about hot deals around Dunwoody made public by the A Ha Connection Lady.  They discuss real estate in private to keep speculators from buying the property in an attempt to make a quick flip on it back to the city.  But this chunk of dirt has been vacant for years so no secret that it was on the city's wish list.  The timing of this purchase has caught some insiders off guard, but nonetheless I approve of it (not that council could care what I think, but I'll use this blog to give support).  There will be critics of course, but long-term I think buying the property now is a good thing.  Aside from being a nice-sized dog park, by buying the property the city essentially blocks out any other use of the property such as apartments, pain clinics, massage parlors, or a Chick Fil A.

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