Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coke Freestyle Drink Machine at Moe's

Went over to Moe's on Saturday evening for a Joey (steak, rice, beans, sour cream).  As I approached the cash register to pay (kids eat free on Saturdays with every adult meal) I glanced to my right and saw a very cool looking soda dispensing unit. It's the new Coca Cola Freestyle machine. The touch screen is up high but there is a feature that allows folks in a wheelchair to manipulate the screen and select a drink.  Only downside as only one person at a time can get a drink.  The old style fountain system allowed a couple people to shove their cups under the dispenser heads (as long as they were getting different flavors).

Ever have an orange flavored Diet Coke?  How about peach flavored Fanta?  I think this machine has 100 or so possibilities.  Head over to the Dunwoody Moe's beside Publix, get a Joey Jr. for yourself and a Moo Moo Mr. Cow for your kid.

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