Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Access Granted & WOVERs

Once again we add to the DunwoodyDictionary.  The SOW and NOW groups are so last month.  We try to keep it fresh here at DunwoodyTalk.  We paid big money for some prime seating at the DeKalb County School System meeting ($8 per seat from a scalper out in the parking lot) and had lots of fun mingling and exchanging email addresses with the fine folks providing entertainment during Public Comment. 

First up, our newest sub-group in Dunwoody.  Please give a DunwoodyTalk welcome to the WOVERs.  These are the West Of VERmack folks.  The WOVERs are a splinter group that split ways with their parent tribe known as NOW. The WOVERs were handed their Golden Tickets to the new and improved Dunwoody Elementary School.  And whom do the WOVERs have to thank?  I'll leave that up to them to decide.  Since they graciously gave up their nearby seats at Vanderlyn, the fine folks at The Jefferson can take the 2+ mile bus ride to Vanderlyn (approximately same distance to DES)
Vanderlyn (pink)

I know, some of you are asking how does The Jefferson connect to Vanderlyn?  And didn't DunwoodyTalk predict just yesterday (Super Bowl Sunday where the Steelers had three crucial turnovers) that Vanderlyn would be filled with the closest residents?  And didn't DunwoodyTalk suggest The Jefferson may go to Austin?  What happened? 

New school board member Nancy Jester did ask tonight if the criteria changed for this latest round of map drawing.  She was told 'No'.  So the criteria did not change?  OK.

Now show me how The Jefferson connects to Vanderlyn you ask?  It's quite simple.  It's a simple connect the dots exercise.  Leave Vanderlyn and head toward Womack, then head west.  Oh wait, never mind. Do a u-turn in front of Dunwoody High School, head up to Mt Vernon Road and hang a left.  Heading west on Mt Vernon you'll see kids from Vernon Ridge and a couple other streets wearing Austin T-shirts.  These kids now go to Vanderlyn.  Same for the kids from Vernon North.  They will sell their Austin T-shirts at yard sales this spring and buy some new Vanderlyn logo gear. 

Now here's where it gets tricky.  We are not quite to The Jefferson, but pay attention.  Next the Vanderlyn zone picks up the FarmHouse kids.  Yes, you heard me.  There are seven kids living in the basement of the FarmHouse.  Now cross Chamblee Dunwoody Road and  the Vandy zone continues with the Dunkin' Donut kids.  Last count showed nine kids living inside the attic of Dunkin' Donuts and two at the bridal shop. (Vandy Runs on Dunkin!) Now keep going toward Ashford Dunwoody Road.  Next up is the Blockbuster family.  Now hang a left onto Ashford Dunwoody Road and down on your left is The Jefferson.  See, that was easy.  One continuous stretch of real estate, similar to the Lost Land of Lemuria. That Vanderlyn zone was not rigged in any way.  Looks like the Jefferson folks can put their Sharpies and poster board away.

With The Jefferson staying at Vanderlyn the fine folks residing in The Greater Branches neighborhoods stay at Austin.  Austin did lose some great families along Mt Vernon Road.  They became stepping stones for the Vandy zone to make it over to The Jefferson.  A few seats opened up at Austin and access was granted to MFH kids residing further down Ashford Dunwoody Road.
Austin (green)

And what about Dunwoody Elementary?  It shed 220 MFH kids and refilled those seats with SFH kids.  Pretty cool how  people can make that happen, right?  So now DES has 1017 kids.  Of the 220 seats made available, Austin and Vanderlyn kids took all but 50 of the seats.  I can account for 967 and have no idea where the other 50 kids are coming from since Chesnut and Kingsley numbers are the same.   

I've read some positive comments regarding the new maps.  Perhaps the healing has begun for some.  But for others new wounds exist.

Dunwoody High School is over-crowded as is Peachtree Middle School.  That trend will continue. Once Chamblee High School is rebuilt look for new lines to relieve overcrowding at Dunwoody's middle and high schools.  That's the trade-off for keeping all Dunwoody (and part of Doraville) kids in Dunwoody school.

Look for interesting comments over at DunwoodySchoolDaze blog as she allows anonymous comments as of now.  Heneghan back in action as well. I'm not making the call if the criteria changed.  Review the maps (decentral and Superintendent) and make your own decision.

Perhaps more people like these maps better than the decentral maps, but that doesn't mean that the changes made were done for the right reasons.  Let's move on to some other polarizing issue like green ways across Dunwoody.

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