Monday, January 24, 2011

Vertical Map Gone, New DeKalb Redistricting Plans for Dunwoody

The VV map is gone, sorta.  The VV Map was the secret Vanderlyn Vertical map.  The Vertical map made no sense and, as suggested a week ago, was abandoned.  But new plans are in the works.  Remember three years ago when I suggested we rename Dunwoody Elementary School to Vanderlyn II you all laughed?  Who's laughing now? Keep an eye out for a new VV Map.  One 'V' still stands for Vanderlyn.  The other?  Take a guess.

Move aside lady GaGa.  Your Poker Face means nothing around here.  Stay tuned DunwoodyTalk visitors.  The players have all bought a rack of chips and the high-stakes game of school redistricting has begun.  The table has many players; some with big stacks, others with short stacks.

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