Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow in SouthTown?

snowfall at 11:00PM

Snow is coming down here in the SmartCity.  Residents are advised to stay off the roads unless you really, really need bread, soup, or milk.  Local food suppliers just love when this snow comes falling from the sky.  Local shelves were picked clean.  I find it hard to believe that Dunwoody residents are not Smart enough to keep at least a 48 hour supply of rations on hand at all times, regardless of snow, wind or hail.  I can justify a quick run to Ace hardware for a sled, or maybe a stop to pick up a 1/4 cord of wood.

Dunwoody city staff took great care to make sure road crews were on hand for this storm, now officially dubbed Dunwoody Dash (-ing through the snow).  Road crews were strategically placed at the W hotel in Dunwoody and given an open tab at Savu bar to prepare for the distribution of sand and salt.
Dunwoody's newest additions to the fleet
a city staff guy getting to work near Perimeter Mall
Mr. Sarah Rogue plowing near Chesnut Elem. School

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