Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days

I posted yesterday about DeKalb Sanitation picking up today.  I saw Big Yella cruise by my street slowly, peeking at the patches of ice.  We had a path cleared for vehicles (including garbage trucks) with two bare-pavement tracks down the left side of the street.  Apparently the driver thought it too dangerous to drive 30 feet down to my house then make a u-turn in my neighborhood's 120 foot cul-de-sac, so the trash cans will sit at the curb until Mr GarbageTruck driver deems it safe.

Speaking of driving, I ventured out the past two days.  If you feel the need to put on your 4-way flashers then drive 8 mph (I think you go 10 mph without depressing the gas peddle) on Mt. Vernon, please stay indoors.  The biggest mistake people make while driving on ice is constant braking.  The lady I followed down rough n tough Dunwoody Club Drive today had her petite foot on the brake pedal constantly, causing her to slide on ice constantly.  Again, please stay off the roads until May 3rd if you are uncomfortable driving.

Chip has posted a few comments around the blogs about how we the Smart people of Dunwoody could really use a plow or two on the city pickup trucks. Add a Salt Dogg salt spreader to add weight to the truck.

For less than $10,000 we could add these two items to two pickup trucks.  Run these things 16 hours a day (two shifts).  Councilman Wittenstein takes truck #1 on first shift, being relieved after eight hours by Warren.  Councilman Thompson drives truck #2 first, then tossing the keys to a celebrity driver for shift two.  Celebrity driver?  Yes, maybe the DHA president or a lady from the Dunwoody Womans Club.  Make it interesting.

I know this week's weather is quite rare, but if we had the option of passing the hat for donations from frustrated homeowners since Tuesday we'd have collected enough for a nice Mack.

If we have $50,000 in city funds for branding, we have $20,000 to retrofit two trucks for snow season.  And I won't be mad if it doesn't snow again here for five years and the plows never get used.

I did notice some businesses did a great job of clearing private lots, others not so much.  The sidewalk in front of red Mango and Publix was safe and clean.  But next door in front of Moe's, watch out.

Mellow Mushroom was open.  Cold beer and pizza.  There was a brief scare of a citywide dough shortage, but all is well now.

Strange, but the past two days I have seen more people walking around than most nice days.  Not since last Mother's Day (the 1st annual Dunwoody Arts Festival) have we witnessed so much foot traffic in Dunwoody Village.  As the city moves forward with new sidewalks I think we'll see more people walking.

Tonight lots of kids and adults are resting bruised tailbones from excessive sledding.  Sled riding uses muscles not often used other times.  My youngest kid said she liked riding her sled, but did not care for the walk up hill.  We have a couple of nice sleds here, stored in The Bunker awaiting magic snow days.  These sleds were imported from western Pennsylvania.  Lightweight, smooth ride.  Of course Dad put ropes (reigns) on the sleds.  The rope do not help you steer, but are very nice when walking back up hill.  If your kid's sled does not have a rope attached, please do so before the next snowfall.
this type of sled is ideal fro Dunwoody.  Light weight.

The classic runner sled was always a favorite as a kid.  The fluffy snow was most common, so using the plastic sled shown above usually had best results.  But once in a while you'd get a nice hard-pack and/or ice, then it was time for Runner Sleds! I remember waxing the steel rails, prepping for the day's races as a kid.  With a runner sled you can steer.  but you need ideal conditions for runner sleds.  I'll be ready next winter.

Bumper skiing was always fun as a kid.  We'd wait on the corner for a delivery truck of some sort, then grab on for a quick ride down the street.  

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