Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Photos from the Smart City

The DunwoodyTalk staff photographer was out and about today taking a few photos and some video for the upcoming DunwoodyTalk public access TV show (our show will be called Smart-TV now, not D-Town TV as originally planned). Shown above is Dunwoody's very own Goodwill Donation Center.

Jett Ferry Gateway folks can put down their pens - no need to write a letter to the editor or to your local council member. No need to picket at the Kroger either.  This is a drop-off location only and won't attract any miscreants from abroad. Wide sidewalks at Williamsburg so visitors to this shopping center can keep a safe distance from the Goodwill door. 

Paving starts Monday on Dunwoody Club Drive so my back way to Dun Elem is gone for a week.  Looks like I'll be sitting at the nice 4-way stop on Womack Monday morning. The RX-500, featured above, is a fine machine by Roadtec.

The RX-500 is a 630 hp (470 kW) cold planer with sufficient conveyor swing (60° left or right) and turning radius to accommodate today's demanding urban milling conditions. The RX-500 is available in either the three-track or four-track version. The RX-500 can easily change between several narrow cutter widths and pattern choices to make this one of the most versatile machines in its class. With the horsepower, maneuverability, and versatility, you will operate the RX-500 more days per year than any other of its size.

For those in need of firewood and/or pine straw there is no need to visit a licensed Dunwoody business.  Instead just find one of the Smart City's gypsy vendors (see below)
Their gas is much higher than Costco's, but the firewood vendor is convenient for these 70-degree days
That's a very nice tree, once cut down Chick Fil A can sell it to the guy across the street at the Chevron. I think that would be an example of recycling and being sustainable - bonus point for our city!  It may earn us the Golden Chainsaw award.
Having two pine straw gypsies = competition = better prices

NY Butcher may soon be able to sell wine and 40 ounce Colt 45, but look for city council to put an end to outdoor smoking in parks, in homes, in your mind, and in the parking lot.

I don't get over to the Willamsburg area much, and it appears the city's code enforcement sign guy doesn't as well
You know it's almost Christmas when Big John sets up in Da Vil.  Sign or no sign, Big John is ready to sell you a tree.

Indoor gardening at Brook Run Green House.  Frosty the Snowman needs to stay out of there - it was 80-degrees inside here today.
 My grave sites garden plots over at Brook Run Community Garden are still doing well.  Collards and broccoli look good, as is the cilantro.  
production from the bed has increased since the Rutger tomato incident
Tis the season for holiday signs for not only Big John's Christmas trees, but also holiday signs for haircuts, professional detailed hand car washes behind a gas station, a holiday F-150 for sale, as well as holiday limo rides, holiday flu shots, holiday free coffee, and other fine holiday signs.  

As a reminder, tomorrow is Light Up Dunwoody.  See you there.  Just look for the signs.  I spoke with councilman Heneghan today and he told me that he and the mayor are singing at least one song, maybe two, from atop the FarmHouse balcony.