Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brook Run Volunteer Day

Today hundreds of folks volunteered to spruce things up here in Dunwoody.  Although not taking part of the 'official' Volunteer day I did manage to do some volunteer work at the Brook Run Park Green House. While at Brook Run I saw about 100 people, spread out over the park clearing trails, removing dead timbers, trimming trees, painting hydrants, etc. This event was not something dreamed up by a politician, but rather an event created by various places of worship. 

Brook Run Volunteers

Thanks to the many volunteers.  I predict big things for the parks of Dunwoody.  I was fortunate to be selected to the new Parks Committee and I'll do my best to promote amenities that make sense for the entire community.  I also look forward to a possible bike path connecting us to Sandy Springs and east Cobb.  More on that another day.

The Green House at Brook Run is taking shape.  I don't know the history of these buildings, but I know they have been vacant for many years. Thanks to the city staff the main green house is cleaned and now being used to grow food for a charity.

There is a lot more to do at the green house this winter and into the spring.  if you want to be a part of it email me and I'll get you in touch with the right people.

Here is a post from a couple of weeks ago about the re-opening of the green house.  In my previous post I mentioned a few local blogs and completely forgot to remind you about Dunwoody's Sustainable Pattie.  She writes a couple of blogs: Foodshed Planet and  Sustainable Pattie. I'll take credit for that 'Sustainable Pattie' nickname (and I did not charge her $105,000 for it) but Pattie needs to take credit for much of the organic food plots popping up all around us.  Not much gardening action this time of year for me, but I'll be back at it in the spring.

Time spent at the green house and at the community garden (both at Brook Run) is relaxing and good for me.  It's a time away from the computer and we are growing fresh food for ourselves and for others.  The garden group is a nice mix.  Young and old, all local folks.  Liberals and conservatives, men and women.  A few kids show up once in a while as well.  Again, if you want to meet a few new people and help grow some food please get in touch.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RunOff for School Board District 1

School Board Results (not official, early voting not included
Jester 46.86
Redovian 43.32%
Gillis 9.43%

Fran Millar wins with 62%

Tom Taylor wins with 66%

Robert James easily wins DeKalb DA job

Mike Jacobs wins with 70%

Parent defeats Jill Chambers

Zepora Roberts in RunOff in S DeKalb school board race

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Parade 1973

Once upon a time in our country kids were encouraged to dress up in costume and participate in a Halloween parade and party .......... at their local public school.  The kids were permitted to wear masks, bring fake guns to school, even plastic swords were okay.  From the archives of DunwoodyTalk I found this gem just in time.  Here's a brief look at a Halloween parade at the elementary school across the street from my childhood home. On the last day of school before Halloween everyone dressed in costume.  After the outdoor parade everyone went inside for home-made cupcakes, punch, and candy. 

The video was taken using a Kodak 8mm film camera (the old reel to reel style).  I have converted some of these 1970's reels to digital.

On a separate note, how about a night time Halloween parade in Dunwoody in 2011?  Maybe DHA could convince ParadePam (who does an awesome job on the Independence Day parade) to take on one more project.