Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Village Burger Grand Opening Party

The 'official' Grand Opening for Village Burger (VB) was held last Saturday.  The weather was perfect for outdoor burgers and beer.  Lots of kids and adults on hand to welcome Dunwoody's newest eatery.

My kids like to eat there, knowing I'll cave and buy them soft serve ice cream custard. I like the fries, burgers, and drinks at VB.  Only one change I'd make; change the name of their dessert from "custard" to "soft serve".  That single move would result in an increase of 23% in sales. 

I think the best time to visit VB is around 11:30 AM or 1 PM (for lunch).  Every time I cruise in my Honda Odyssey down the DP (Dunwoody Parkway) during lunch I see folks walking in the grass from the neighboring office buildings.  I'm sure these folks will be pleased once the DP renovation project gets underway.

Live music added a nice touch to the atmosphere. Lots of local celebrities showed up and had a good time.

Note: No DunwoodyTalk staff members have received free soft serve, free beer, or free burgers for this endorsement.  But we are willing to accept any of the above-mentioned items as deemed appropriate by VB's fine management team.