Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekend Activities

The first weekend of October got the fall festival season off to a mad dash in Dunwoody. The action started shortly after dawn with the first annual CV (cardiovascular) Classic. This event drew over 500 runners and was held to raise money for a new track at PCMS. According to sources a new track is needed due to damage sustained by DeKalb School System contracted crews doing a few laps on the track with trucks. The turnout for the race was tremendous. Dunwoody police department provided the traffic control and squad car race escort for the race. Sandy Springs Fun House was the big sponsor followed by several businesses and PCMS families.

Speaking of families…

Several familiar faces were seen amongst the entrants. Brent Allen, Scoutmaster at Dunwoody Baptist “ran the whole way” after completing a six week program “from the couch to your first 5k”. Way to go Brent. My occasional lawn guy, Blake Tiede, blew off cutting the lush Emerald Zoysia of DunwoodyTalk HQ in favor of running the race. Blake finished an impressive 5th overall, and hung out for the PCMS Fall Festival, partaking in pie eating to celebrate. City Attorney Brian Anderson joined the fun along with Tammy and their kids. Brian’s day was less successful as DPD removed him from the race at the 2 mile mark citing the newly enacted statute: “texting while running.”
Other participants had better luck evading the long arm of the DPD law while violating the “texting while running” statute. . A guy named Dan stated: “It’s a real rush to run from the cops while texting. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but it gives me the same kind of kicks I used to get as a kid.”  

Following the race and awards, Peachtree transitioned to their annual Fall Festival. Bouncy things, jousting, previously mentioned pie eating, and the infamous “Dunk Tank” showed up. Had Bob Lundsten come on the scene as a “dunkee”, enough money would have been raised to build the new track and put a stadium of Jerry Jones like proportion around it. The PCMS jazz band performed, and the local paparazzo was on hand to record all the action.

Chili Cook Off

The Dunwoody Music Festival needs a few more entries for the Chili Cook Off.  Compete against locals for top prizes and bragging rights until next year.  Go get your buddy and sign up a team.