Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Mango

Over beside Publix off Chamblee Dunwoody Road a Red Mango franchise is opening soon. . Red Mango is a  yogurt & smoothie place.  This is next to Moe's.  This shopping center also has a Subway, a bank, a drug store, and a couple other shops.  This is probably the only shopping center in Dunwoody with no vacancies.  It's also a reminder that LOCATION and having a great anchor store are important for success.  Nearly everyone on the west side of Dunwoody buys groceries at Publix.  These smaller shops take advantage of that traffic and are successful.

My only concern for Red Mago is parking.  Even prior to it setting up shop here parking was bad.  You have  a few popular food joints sharing a little corner of a parking lot. Add in patrons from Peter's and you have a parking shortage, for sure. (I have to admit I have never patronized Peter's restaurant).

Part of the parking problem in this area was because of the dance place.  I see that Dan & Co. Dance has moved across Main Street Chamblee Dunwoody Road to Da Vil (Dunwoody Village)

Village Burger seems to making some progress.  Not sure of their opening date but I'll give it a try. Too bad they did not work out arrangements so they could renovate and be in the same building as Calico fabric store (across Dun Pkwy from Mellow Mushroom).  I think the Calico location was a winner, especially with outside dining over looking the green lawn and nice shade trees.  But most likely Regency would not negotiate much on the rent.  Too bad for both sides.  The former Mudcatz location is too much sq footage for a burger joint.  Not sure what/whom would be interested in that spot.

Down the parking lot from Village Burger is El Azteca.  They added some nice flower boxes outside, sprucing the patio up a bit.  I've only eaten at El Azteca once. May have to give it another try some time.  Do they have music on weekends?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


You ever have trouble finding the right gift for someone?  Maybe it's the neighbor kid in 9th grade, a high school senior perhaps. Maybe the new couple on the block.  Don't waste money on an I-Tunes gift card - buy some quality tools for that young adult!

Quality tools are not cheap.  I always look for heat-treated tools when buying certain hand tools.  A company like Wright Tools has quality stuff. When selecting tools, tools you want to last, American-Made stuff is a great choice. I know, you can get a $10 socket set at Christmas time at the big box store.  A $10 socket set is just that, a $10 socket set. When you have a tough job that cheap socket will fail you.  Same goes for screwdrivers and drill bits. 
above: 1/2" hammer drill, Cut Saw, 5 pound hammer
You can never have too many tools.  One of my secret spots for tools is the yard sale or estate sale.  The older the person having the sale, the better.  If you drive by a yard sale and see tons of baby clothes and Little Tike stuff, keep moving.  Young couples won't have any decent tools for sale.  Find the elderly couple downsizing and moving to Florida.  The guy who worked with his hands for a living - he's got good tools.

I had a project at the house today that required me to cut through steel pipe.  You could spend 25 minutes using a hack saw or one minute using a Cut Saw.  How often do I use that Cut Saw?  Maybe a couple times a year, but I loan it out as well.

Remember, next time you are buying a gift for someone (kids as young as 10 years old can start collecting tools.  They will have them for life.) consider tools.  Consider a set of quality Vise Grips from Irwin Tool (now owned by Newell Rubbermaid of Sandy Springs).  And don't forget about a quality tool box to carry those tools.