Monday, August 30, 2010

Dunwoody Retention Pond

Although I can't find an official announcement,  there is a meeting tomorrow at Dunwoody High School (6 PM in the media center) on the retention pond issue (Tuesday).  Nothing about it on Dunwoody High school's web site.  The DHS web site looks like it was last updated in 1998.  I guess cuts at the county level affect everything.  Just for comparison, take a look at the Walton High School web site.  A functioning calendar, upcoming events, ..... But just having a fancy web site doesn't make you a better school, so they say.

Please make sure to park on neighborhood streets if you attend.  I've heard the homeowners around DHS and Vanderlyn love it when others park legally on the streets.  Don't bother car-pooling as lots of side streets to park on.

Back to the retention pond.  Lots of talk about this thing.  Is it installed correctly?  Is there an active colony of mosquitoes living there?  Has anyone found larva or pupa?  As a side note, the dragonfly is predator #1 for the mosquito.  Do we need to catch some dragonflies and import them to the DHS retention pond?

I've read many emails on this issue.  All officials say the pond was built correctly and there is no mosquitoes on site.  There is a plan to add vegetation, but I think that is later this year or maybe in the spring.  So, is there a problem with the retention pond?  Is it suppose to hold water for days? Will it attract mosquitoes and the diseases associated with the insect?

Workers were out there today taking a look around, doing some survey work.  From a recent email on this topic:
Retention/detention ponds can be responsible for increased mosquito production. It has been my experience that the most problematic retention/detention ponds are those that have not been properly maintained. These have aquatic plants within them and are shaded by trees or other vegetation that has been allowed to grow up surrounding these ponds. The ponds and Dunwoody High School have none of these features.
Based on this environmental expert's opinion the I read the above statement to conclude that the detention pond, as it is now, is in ideal condition.  No shade trees, no surrounding vegetation.  Does that mean, for neighbors to have a mosquito-free environment, that the pond should stay as it is?  How about red, white, and blue plastic streamers woven within the fence?

There was an email from an official saying the pond was not complete, that new holes needed drilled somewhere.  I'll let those knowing more on this issue post comments.