Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tomato Time

Back a few months everyone at the Community Garden was busy putting in tomato plants (and other veggies) while I was playing the role of slacker.  I had an 8-foot plot over at the Brook Run to plant (Dunwoody Community Garden is there, just past the dog park) as well as five raised beds here at home.  I just kept putting off the planting, then did eventually get around to it.
Duke's as suggested by TheOtherDunwoody and knife from a great deal on Paula Deen knife set at Big Lots

My plot over at Brook Run is pretty much done except for a hot pepper plant.  Sustainable Pattie, the kind caring soul she is, picks the ripe peppers on Tuesdays for the food pantry.  I don't think she's picking more than just a few peppers every week, but it's something.  I'm not contributing much in regards to weight (the Garden set a lofty goal to donate 2000 pounds of food, and it would take 100 of my slim hot peppers to make a pound), but hopefully one or two families appreciate the peppers. My tomatoes over there did not do well and my kids were not interested in the lemony cucumbers.  Live and learn.

But those late-planted tomato plants here at home are just now hitting their stride.  My tomatoes escaped any plant diseases going around (maybe because the tomato plants were home-schooled they avoided getting sick like many of my friends' tomato plants). 

Sustainable Pattie told me once how she lined her tomatoes on her window sill and gave them names, naming them after the members of the Supreme Court.  It was probably a creative way to teach her daughter the names of the Court justices. I have only five on the window today so I can't use the Supreme Court method (plus, I could not eat a tomato named Elena).  If I pick two tomatoes tomorrow I could use them to teach my kids the names of Dunwoody City Council.  But since we're eating two or more a day, I think five is maximum for the window.

Our okra plants are doing well, too bad no one in my family likes okra.  Every few days I cut it, and every few days more is ripe ready.  The ever giving cucumber plant has given me about all she can for this summer. That cucumber plant is sort of like the Duggar mom - just producing all she can.  I've probably had close to 100 cucumbers from that raised bed.  Add in my hot peppers (for my homemade salsa) and the tomatoes and I'll call it a good year for the garden.  The squash got  the vine borer thing again this year and I forgot to plant pumpkins.  But at least I'm no longer spending $5 on a single tomato.

Fall garden?  Sure.  Maybe I need a road trip to Callaway for this event.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dunwoody High School Swim Team Moves to New Outdoor Pool

In an effort to "get back to nature", the Dunwoody High School swim team will train and compete in the new outdoor pool installed by Doster Construction Company.  "I think this pool is way cooler than Dynamo and like even cooler than Whitewater or the Vermack Swim & Tennis pool," commented DHS senior Al Jee.

"It reminds me of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon," commented AYP transferee Sustanivo Agua.  "It's beautiful out there.  I can't wait for the 3 meter diving board next semester." (please note the dive board has NOT been budgeted for 2010 but the PTA Wildcat Moms will host a car wash at Burger King Friday Night 10PM to raise funds for it).

The pool is unique in that it is divided into three sections, yet still considered a single pool (to meet strict GHSA standards).  Pool Alpha is a warm-up pool.  Pool Beta is a 15 meter length pool with four swim lanes.  Pool Gamma, not yet filled to capacity, is rumored to be the dive pool.  The Dunwoody Sustainability Committee, with the cooperation of the Dunwoody Womans Club, will harvest then cross-stitch hemp vines to be used as lane dividers.

Team captain Jimmy 'Mud' Moskito added  "I look forward to swimming the IM in Pool Beta.  I really think we can defeat Marist this year, here in our new pool.  I think the Marist kids will be intimidated by the look and feel of our pool. This is no summer swim league event.  This is bigger than Redfield versus Dunwoody North.  Bigger than The Branches versus Mill Glenn.  THIS is a new era in Dunwoody swimming!"

The new pool name will be  voted on at the next Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council meeting.  All in attendance will get a single vote.  The DCPC encourages parents and students to attend the meeting.  A DunwoodyTalk reporter interviewed students after school today to get a feel for names being discussed for  the new swimming facility. Below is a list of responses received, with a few of these names either mentioned more than once or those said to be gaining support:

Jim & Joe's Natatorium
Lewis & Pope Expedition Pond
Lake Vanderlyn
Womack Lagoon
Da Swamp
FarmHouser Tarn
Why is the MARTA bus late?
Chestnut Cheek Spruill Donaldson Bannister Larkin Lake

The naturally sloped areas will be for spectators and bull pen use.  The DHA will not allow lights at this facility, but DHS will appeal to the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, hiring The Branches legal team, known experts in acquiring outdoor lighting.