Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Economist

I try to keep this blog's content all local stuff, but I thought I'd share an article in this week's The Economist.  I subscribe only to two magazines.  One is The Economist.  It arrives every Saturday by US mail.  It's full of world news and is a good read for the most part.  I also subscribe to Backwoods Home, a monthly magazine focusing on self-reliant living.  I also receive about 40 trade magazines a month (related to my profession).  Lots of reading, and lots of magazines all over the place. 

Lately I've noticed a distinct turn to The Left by writers at The Economist.  This week's issue claims we lock up too many people in the USA.  I disagree.  But anyway, they have an article relating to the Georgia Governor's Race, discussing the 'Palin Effect'.

Of course the article pokes fun at our  gubernatorial candidates, printing quotes on the immigration debate.  They quoted my buddy Ray Mcberry, who said illegals should be rounded up and dropped off at the White House.  Here's a link to the article.  I'm pulling for Nathan Deal for governor.  Not sure if our council folks will be sending out voting instructions or not for the runoff races.

Looking like I'll let the subscription lapse on The Economist at the end of the year.  I can always get a copy from the library, or read the same content online. 

From Remedial to Remarkable to RipOff

The AJC has done yet another fine job in reminding DeKalb residents of its pitiful school system.  Here's the link.

In summary, a DeKalb Schools 'supervisor' wrote a book, From Remedial to Remarkable.  He sold over $12,000 in books to five schools in DeKalb; two of the schools were under his 'supervision'.  The school system has demoted one of the principals already, and perhaps more demotions to come.  But what about Mr. Remarkable, Ralph Simpson?  No news yet from interim superintendent or school board on Simpson's promotion to Superintendent of Book Purchasing.

The book contains quotes from Bill Clinton and comedian Chris Rock, as well as other famous folks.  Over 25% of the book's content is quotes from famous people (19 of 70 pages). 

Book chapters include, "I Hate School" and "Failing 2 Prepare is Preparing 2 Fail". When Simpson inks a deal with Clayton County schools and has a second printing, a few chapters will be added:

Chapter 12: Following in Dr. Lewis' Footsteps, One Dollar at a Time.
Chapter 13:  How to Manipulate Subordinates, Get Them Demoted, and keep Your $115,000 Salary
Chapter 14:  Don't Spell Out Single-Digit Whole Numbers in Book Titles as That is Remedial

I will give Simpson credit for going from a 480 SAT Score (when 200 points are awarded for having a pulse) to a cushy job with DeKalb School System.  That is Remarkable.  If Simpson's book was read by some kids and provided some form of inspiration to them, then that's a good thing.  But if the books were purchased due to pressure from a higher-ranking supervisor and proper procedure was was not followed, then that is a bad thing.

There are so many inspirational books on the market, including Newbery award winning titles such as Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery, or even Tony Dungy's You Can Do It!  All these books, and thousands more, are available to DeKalb School System for way under $10 each.