Thursday, July 1, 2010

Independence Day Parade

Since this year's parade is on July 5th, I just can't call it the 4th of July parade, so I will refer to it as Dunwoody's Independence Day parade.

Headed over to the parade?  Let me help you pick a spot.  First off, for those living off of Mt Vernon Road, it's quire simple.  Go up to Mt Vernon, find a shaded spot, and position your chairs.  Keep an eye out for fire ants and dog crap.

For those of us on the West Side, it's a little different strategy. 

See the man and woman standing together?  That's prime real estate for the parade.  It has shade, is level, is close to Hoegaarden on draft at Mellow Mushroom (for those not taking their own chilled Red Bull & vodka mix), and is close access to all the post-parade activities.  Downside of this spot?  Yes.  Most parade groups are out of candy by the time they get here.  But I'm not a big fan of picking up Chine-made processed sugar off of Dunwoody Parkway.

Another good spot is in front of Ace Hardware.  But look out for fire ants in that median. Remember, Dunwoody Pkwy is a divided road, and the parade comes down the Ace Hardware side, not the Goodyear side.  The median is my least favorite spot.

Some people like to line the driveway leading into the Dunwoody Village, by Calico fabric store.

You want a great spot to view the parade?  See that tent in the photo above?  That guy set up at 5 PM the night before the parade last year!

Here are a few favorites from last year's parade:

photo above shows former DeKalb superintendent Crawford Lewis.  I think this year he'll be riding in a DeKalb County police car (in the back)

Clark Howard