Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crawford Lewis and Other Former DeKalb Folks in Trouble!

Read the story here

Also, go here and read some of the comments (at least one references Dunwoody)

With four people picked up today, there may be a few more people nervous tonight if they made 'deals' with Dr. Lewis.  Innocent until proven guilty, right?  Anyone in Dunwoody make any deals with Lewis/Pope the past couple year?

Perhaps all or part of this foursome are innocent and this is one big mistake.

As Boortz always says, decisions have consequences.  You are where you are largely in part to the decisions you've made in your life.  If you are sitting in a jail cell, you most likely made at least one poor decision, if not more.

Photo Source:  DeKalb Sheriff

Read the indictment here.

Ct. 1: Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Conducting and Participating in an Enterprise Through a Pattern of Racketeering Activity

Ct. 2: Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Acquiring Property Through a Pattern of Racketeering Activity

Ct. 3: Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Conspiracy to Participate in an Enterprise Through a Pattern of Racketeering Activity

Ct. 4: Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Conspiracy. to Acquire Property Through a Pattern of Racketeering Activity

Ct 5: Theft by Taking By a Government Employee

Ct 6: Bribery

Ct 7: Falsifying Public Records

"CRAWFORD LEWIS used his position at DCSS to initiate and facilitate personal
relationships with female employees. Specifically, he paid for a room at The Ritz Carlton in Greensboro, Georgia, on March 12, 2008, which he used exclusively for personal use with a female subordinate accompanying him."

The Ritz Hotel in Greensboro, GA

Monday, May 24, 2010

Austin 2nd Graders Advancing to .....

a trailer!

Congrats to all those advancing to the next grade.  Looks like half of Austin's 2nd Graders will be moving into trailers next year as the school building is again full, with at least one new kindergarten class being added.  I've been told half of Austin's 3rd graders will be moved into trailers next year. Not to worry - the county is well practiced in moving trailers to Dunwoody schools.  Although Austin won't see the luxury style 'portable classrooms' (with bathrooms) like Vanderlyn has, the trailers will all be equipped with two air fresheners, at least one window, and semi-stable staircases (perhaps Blake and his scout troop could build the stairs for the trailers coming back to Austin.  No word if Vanderlyn or other schools need more trailers next year.  If you know, please send me a note.  Area 4th and 5th graders will again have plenty of room to stretch out in the new school.  I toured the school and think it's great.  It's main problem is that it is under-utilized due to redistricting opposition.

Not sure what the DeKalb school board (including Dunwoody's own Jim Redovian) have planned for Dunwoody over-crowding.  I guess we'll have to wait closer to election time to get a response.

On the school topic, here's some info on the DeKalb Central Office compared to Cobb Central Office:

Cobb County
106,079 Students
$34,470,248 spent on General Administration
DeKalb County
96,907 Students
$49,159,245 spent on General Administration

Read more here and here.

Ask your local school board representative if anything will be done to make a meaningful reduction in central office expenses.  How's that eduKALB search going?


NO LIMIT (no, not a poker tournament) on classroom size!  State schools can now expand a class to hold 40 or 50 kids per class.  The sky's the limit.  I suggest parents find out now the Fire Marshall's report for your school.  Find out the maximum number of kids allowed in each classroom, in each trailer, and in each building.  If your kid's class exceeds Fire Marshal standards it may be necessary to call the police department, the Fire Marshal, or the fire department (non emergency numbers please).  Call every day if it's an issue.  Call the state fire marshal if results not taken at the local level.

Stepping Up

This weekend some Boy Scouts put in some stairs on a dirt path off of Womack Road.  These stairs lead to a recently completed path project.  Blake Tiede (and a few of his pals from All Saints Boy Scout Troop 434) worked on this project.

The Path project was an Eagle Scout project by Christopher Travers.

Before and After photos from the path:

A few facts from Christopher Travers regarding the Path project:

- 250 total hours put into the project, 150 of which were by scouts in troop 434
- covering 4 weekends over a month and a half
- trail length: 950 feet
- 40 cubic yards of mulch, 133 wheelbarrows full
- 30 different scouts helped out
- bridge length: 104 feet
- 225 timbers and 450 nails
- personal hours: 42
- Donors: Home Depot, Vanderlyn, Dunwoody Elem., Dunwoody High School, The City of Dunwoody

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Neighborhood pools are open, most schools are out for the summer, and Dunwoody's stand-alone ice cream store (Bruster's) is gone. (Rumor has it that a burger joint may open in the former Bruster's shack building)

So where do kids get ice cream? 

I was always very suspicious of the 1978 Ford Econoline van that cruised the streets of Dunwoody the past few summers, selling Sponge Bob ice cream on a stick.

The van was an old dry cleaners van (peeled off graphics revealed as much).  It had two reach-in freezers, rigged to the van's battery system.  For a simple $3, any kid can walk up to the van and buy an ice cream treat that's probably been in deep-freeze for seven years in some warehouse off Fulton Industrial Blvd.

I refer to that ice cream guy as the Amber Alert Ice Cream Man. Nothing personal against the guy (and his 10 year-old assistant who sits in the back of the van in a folding lawn chair), but I would not let my kid anywhere near that van without two adults and a chase vehicle standing by.

Today was the official beginning of summer ice cream time as Amber Alert Ice Cream Guy showed up today in a NEW van! Here's a photo taken today of the new Amber Alert Ice Cream Van.  His ice cream signs are magnetic and pull off easily so the guy may work as a cab driver at night.

The van is not really new, but seemed to be a 1992 Toyota Previa maybe?  Any van buffs out there that can ID this sled?  Perhaps one of Grogan's Heroes can ID it.  Note the added sun roof service window in the center of the van.  The now 11 year-old assistant was able to exchange singles for ice cream through this convenient roof opening. 

With such a fine city as we have here, perhaps we deserve better.  Any newly graduated high school kids out there looking for a summer-time gig?  Take a look here for a well-maintained 1977 Dodge truck, ready to roll from Vermack to Dunwoody North to Wynterhall.  Not a Dodge guy?  Look here for more (warning, annoying audio)

here's a nice looking truck:
Here's another nice looking truck:

Why Not a Leaf Blower Ban?

After again reviewing Monday night's agenda I paused at the noise thing again.  Certain noises we have to deal with.  I don't like hearing a fire truck at midnight, but the sirens are needed.  Home remodeling and construction requires the use of nail guns, earth moving equipment, and other noisy devices.

What about a ban on leaf blowers?  For the past 20 years or so (since the things were invented) cities all over Kalifornia have banned them.  If Dunwoody bans something as natural as backyard poultry, then we certainly should no longer tolerate the use of leaf blowers.  Most leaf blowers probably violate current noise ordinances anyway.  I know the power equipment industry has been working on leaf blowers that make less noise (In a non-related industry, last year GAMO Air Guns came out with the 'Whisper' model air gun, allowing suburban hunters to reach out and 'touch' a squirrel from 30 yards away, with very little noise.  Very nice.)

I've seen some cities ban leaf blowers for spring, winter, and summer months, but allowing them for a two month period in the fall.

But what to do with those leaves?  I used the Internet to find out how folks in Dunwoody could maintain nice yards and sidewalks without a leaf blower.  I found these three nifty items.  Not sure if they are yet available in local stores, but it's worth taking a look.

I needed a little yard work done this weekend and found this eager kid roaming around the neighborhood.  He's a good worker, but a little slow on his feet.  He did not have any tools so I loaned him a couple.  I did cut the handles down.  For $1.75 an hour I couldn't turn him away.  After about seven hours in today's sun, the kid managed to get two bags of leaves filled and put out to the street.  I hate the magnolia tree in my front yard.  It drops leaves year-round.  If you want it, come cut it and haul it away - free of charge.

No leaf blower here.  Here I am last fall, buried in a home-made pile: