Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leaf Blowers Beware

Council will discuss changing the noise ordinance.  I've got no problems with that.  Lots of people are subjected to leaf blowers early in the morning and late into the evening.  Thanks Mr. Shortal for pushing this issue.  I'm not sure if you could allow for construction 'noise' during one set of hours, and have a shortened (more restrictive) time allowed for landscaping crews and their leaf blowers.  Not much construction around Dunwoody. Your neighbor gets a new roof every 20 years or so, so the roofer starting at 7:30 AM is not a big deal.  But if your neighbor's lawn service shows up every Tuesday at 7:15 AM (or Friday night at 8 PM), on a weekly basis, now that's a problem.

I think the noise ordinance should be even more restrictive than proposed.  What's the policy in Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek?