Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dunwoody Arts Festival

Be a part of history and be a volunteer for Dunwoody's First Annual Arts Festival.  Part of Dunwoody's Main Street (Chamblee Dunwoody Road is the former name for this stretch of pavement, from GA 400 down to I-285, through the HEART of Dunwoody) will be blocked off for the artists' booths.

Take a look HERE for more information.  I hope some of you will sign up quickly so they can assure to order a nice T-Shirt for you.

There will be music all day, (both days) food, crafts, and kid activities.  I'll be there and hope to see you as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dunwoody's Secret Society?

There is a small group of merry men, powerful merry men.  They meet in secret often, perhaps at their Lodge, but also meet in public.  I have covertly observed this group for some time now.  You may have seen them and not noticed their presence.  They are sly like that.  In a way, they are secretive like the Freemasonry.  The photo you see on this post was taken recently at the BP gas station at the intersection of Mt Vernon Rd and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.  Two members of the secret society were awaiting fellow members.  I took great risk to capture their images in a digital format, but that's but a small thing to do for my city.  This is a common gathering spot, and you may catch a glimpse of them there on a Saturday morning if your timing is right.  As these two sat quietly sipping  a special coffee brew, one only can wonder what thoughts run through their well-trained minds.