Saturday, December 18, 2010

Music Hall of Fame Documents

Proposals for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame have found their way online.  No, Julina Assange had nothing to do with it.  The Athens Banner-Herald newspaper made an opens record request for the proposals.  All the proposals are viewable here, except for Macon.  Macon is fighting in court the release of their proposal.  Not sure what they have to hide.  Either their proposal is very weak or it suggests using more public funds than have been reported to Macon residents.

But we here at DunwoodyTalk could care less about Macon's proposal. Macon residents have shown over the past decade that they could care less about the music museum.  Were it not for school kids visiting the current Macon site the floors inside would have a foot of dust.  Macon had its chance and blew it.  Time for another community to give it a go.

I've read through the documents and the Dunwoody plan looks great.  Biased?  A little.  But keep in mind i was 100% opposed to the Hall coming here until I studied it.  It makes sense for the Hall, and for local residents.

Dunwoody's efforts to bring the Hall here is led by a newly created non-profit called The Dunwoody Music Conservancy, Inc.  This group has some heavy hitters as part of its leadership team.  They include Danny Ross, Robert Kinsley, William McCahan, Bryan Tate, Brad Sturgeon, Bill  Grant, Yvonne Williams, and Del Moon.  Complete resumes for this posse can be found here.

Hall at the Mall
To start, the Dunwoody proposal may seem to have a major weakness in attracting the hall - it does not have a home for it yet.  But the proposal addresses that issue in a clever way.  The GA Music Hall of Fame (GMHF) will be temporarily housed inside Perimeter Mall. Perimeter Mall attracts 18 million visitors a year.  Lots of marketing opportunities exist by having the Hall at the Mall.  Mall anchor stores could easily use the Hall as a marketing tool - offering prepaid passes during sales and for frequent shoppers.

Center for Performing Arts of Dunwoody (C-PAD)
Note: I would prefer it be called Dunwoody Performing Arts Center (D-PAC) 

If the Dunwoody group is successful in bringing the hall here it will take a monumental fund raising effort.  in looking over the resumes of the leadership group, they fave the right folks in place.  I'd estimate $25 million is needed.

D-PAC would be located on Ashford Dunwoody Road, where the Spruill building is now.  That building would stay.  Two separate buildings would be built.  The buildings are connected.  Building #1 is 25,800 square feet.  It would be home to the GMHF and also exhibit space for the Spruill Arts Center.

Building #2 has a 43,200 sq foot footprint and could possibly have a Class A hotel above an art gallery.  Four levels of parking (800 spaces) are part of Building #2.

Dunwoody's proposal is strong.  I think the Woodstock proposal is also attractive.  Both locations tout the potential number of visitors as their strong points.  If you were to ask 1000 random metro Atlantans today if they have more recently been to the Perimeter Mall area or Woodstock area I'd say 75% were in Dunwoody as to Woodstock.  In Woodstock's favor is the city's new amphitheatre being built with SPLOST funds next year. (side note, the Woodstock amphitheater is being designed by Clark Patterson Lee.  Clark Patterson Lee is currently under contract with the City of Dunwoody for various items).  Woodstock's proposal puts the Hall beside this 6000 seat amphitheatre and across the street from a 550 seat performing arts center.  But I think Dunwoody's location is much better.

Both Woodstock and Dunwoody proposals mention schools.  This is a big deal.  Many of Macon's visitors are school kids.  There are thousand and thousands of kids in both Woodstock and Dunwoody.  School tours alone could easily triple Macon's visitor rates. I can see school groups from across the metro area signing up for field trips to such a venue, just like they now go to the Puppetry Arts place and Fernbank.

The Woodstock proposal included some nice bar graphs that not only helped sell Woodstock, but also shows the advantage of Dunwoody.

This is design of Woodstock logo, but not their actual color scheme.  I added the color scheme.  D-CAP can hire me for a large pizza and pitcher of beer from Mellow Mushroom and I'll create a logo for them.

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority will make the decision on where this thing goes.  There will be a political battle behind the scenes to keep it in Macon.  Hopefully the Authority will carefully review all the proposals and make a selection that has the most potential.

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