Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back to Nature (Center)

It's been a while since I've taken the kids to the Dunwoody Nature Center, so we stopped by today for a special event.  As advertised here and on other blogs, today was Gifts for the Earth day at DNC.  The event was sponsored by Councilwoman Bonser and her husband.
The Steelers have a big game this week against the Baltimore Ravens
kids shown mixing lard and bird seed in a bowl.  A string is added so it can be hung on a tree limb

Kids rotated to different stations, creating some simple bird-feeders and other crafty things.  My 8 year-old was thrilled to take possession of the electric glue gun (a slightly smaller grip on the glue gun compared to her Ruger Mark II, but a sense of power and responsibility just the same).
cookies, hot chocolate, snacks
give boys a football, a little bit of outdoor space, some cold weather and they take care of the rest

I was impressed with the high school kids their to volunteer.  Kids were from Chamblee High School and also Riverwood Int'l Charter School  volunteered at today's event. Not sure if the two groups of high-schoolers squared off later in a High School Quizbowl or not, but these were some really nice kids out there today. 
Su Ellis and Adrian Bonser with a few participants
I kept my Hoegaarden bottles cold in the stream, then a few other dads sent their kids in 'fishing' for the cold refreshing Belgian  beer

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