Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Teachable Moment?

With the streets of Dunwoody starting to look more like Buford Highway (people really hate being compared to Buford Hwy, some also think using that term is some secret code) or Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  Dunwoody has a sign problem and our city staff does not enforce current laws.  I doubt future sign laws will be enforced either.  What we need is one person and one pickup truck.  The person gets in the truck EVERY Monday at 10 AM and drives every road in Dunwoody picking up illegal 'temporary' signs.  The guy should not stop until the truck bed is full (probably around 10:42 AM that same day).  After he drops off his sign bounty at the DeKalb transfer station his/her travels should continue.  After a few signs are confiscated perhaps the people putting up the signs will receive the message.  If not, go after these people and fine them or jail them.

Here's a WSB-TV story today from Cobb County.  A guy is facing jail time for signs.  The guy refused 24 hours of community service, taking a chance for jail time.  Perhaps Smoothie King should send managers to Kennesaw State University night classes to do some learnin'.  I applaud Cobb's efforts to enforce the law.  Now only if Dunwoody would do the same.  They can start with the guy wearing a Halloween costume dancing down on Ashford Dunwoody Road (promoting the Halloween store), then work their way up to Dunwoody's Main Street (formerly called Chamblee Dunwoody Road).

Here's a quote from the Cobb County solicitor:

"You can imagine what our roadways would look like if everybody decided to put up a sign out there"

Yes, Mr. Donovan, we in Dunwoody can imagine.

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