Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Parade 1973

Once upon a time in our country kids were encouraged to dress up in costume and participate in a Halloween parade and party .......... at their local public school.  The kids were permitted to wear masks, bring fake guns to school, even plastic swords were okay.  From the archives of DunwoodyTalk I found this gem just in time.  Here's a brief look at a Halloween parade at the elementary school across the street from my childhood home. On the last day of school before Halloween everyone dressed in costume.  After the outdoor parade everyone went inside for home-made cupcakes, punch, and candy. 

The video was taken using a Kodak 8mm film camera (the old reel to reel style).  I have converted some of these 1970's reels to digital.

On a separate note, how about a night time Halloween parade in Dunwoody in 2011?  Maybe DHA could convince ParadePam (who does an awesome job on the Independence Day parade) to take on one more project.

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