Saturday, September 25, 2010

Village Burger & Tilted Kilt

Doing my part to help the local economy (and to provide you with something to read) I visited two food spots the past 24 hours.  Let's start with Village Burger since it is fresh in my mind.

UPDATE: Yes, they have freshly made French fries at VB.  Tasty.  I saw a huge stack of bagged potatoes off to the side, so I'm guessing they are cut fresh.

f I had to sum up Village Burger in one phrase I'd say "a mini Five Guys with soft serve ice cream". Of course that doesn't make for much of a blog post so I'll give some more info. We arrived before noon on Saturday.  A nice crowd on hand; kids from soccer games at Dun Baptist, a few take-out orders, and some other hungry people.  We got in the door and waited in line about five minutes to order.  That's an acceptable time to wait.  The guy taking the order was pleasant.  We grabbed seats inside and had our food in about five minutes.  All four orders were correct.  Kids' meals were reasonably priced as were the other items on menu.  One kid had a chicken sandwich, the rest of us had burgers.  Family of four (two kids meals, two adult burgers with water) for  few cents over $19.

Of course I was thirsty so I added a couple of beers. No Hoegaarden (Bud Light or Yuengling on draft), but a cold beer at 11:45 on a Saturday morning afternoon is always a good thing.  The staff was nice.  A young girl came by and offered refills of the waters and soda pop.  My burger was cooked medium-well and I ate every bite.  The other plates at my table were cleaned off as well.

The place was clean.  I saw a fancy jukebox on the wall, waiting for dollar bills.  But some Grateful Dead was jamming already so no need to disturb a good thing.  We'll put VB in the rotation.  Outside seating was being used, and nearly all indoor seating was full.  Fall is a good time to eat outside, but once cold weather gets here I doubt many will eat outside (unless overhead heaters are installed).  Best of luck to VB.

Last night I ventured over to the new Tilted Kilt.  It is in the former Max & Erma's location.  The bathtub of ice-cream is gone.  I arrived around 6 PM.  Note:  You can take the Mrs. to this place but I don't suggest taking the kids.  Quite simply it's a bar, with people drinking, and with young ladies dressed for a  Scottish beach.  The crowd at 6 PM looked professional.  Not professional drinkers, but white shirt and tie professional (although the two categories do often overlap).  I think most of the crowd filtered in from the nearby office buildings.  If you're a young guy, had a tough week at work - what better thing to do than throw back some cold beers and have attractive young ladies show you a little attention?  I think the spot will do well for lunch and dinner both.

Like is the case at local watering hole Mellow Mushroom, the crowd thinned as the night progressed.  I think the place peaks around 6:30 PM.  By midnight the crowd had thinned out significantly.  Not sure what type of crowd the place has for college football games (I need to get some yard work done today so I am not going down there now to check it out.  Even us fake journalists have our  limits).  I bet they have a nice weekend crowd.

Again, no Hoegaarden.  I was up in PA last week and Yuengling was everywhere and I liked it, so it is my new backup beer.  You always need a backup in life.  Backup beer, backup babysitter, backup Glock, etc.  I really need a backup running back in my Fantasy Football league.  T Drama kicked my butt last week in FF.  The Steelers shut down Nate Washington and Chris Johnson.  Even with 53 points from Chris Schaub, I lost. This week I expect to win big time, playing some league newbies.  Back to Tilted Kilt.  The young talent working there is just that.  Pleasant, easy on the eyes, and service was good.  The pints were delivered efficiently and my bbq sandwich was tasty.

I doubt Tiled Kilt Dunwoody will be in the family rotation. As mentioned earlier, it's fine for you and your spouse. Two thumbs up for adults.

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