Friday, December 4, 2009

Lunchtime Bank Bandit Eating Dinner in Cobb Jail Tonight

Dunwoody PD played a role in putting a bank robber in jail according to a story on the AJC web site. Stephen James Bowen of Johns Creek, allegedly the guy who robbed a few banks in the area, is now sitting in a Cobb County jail. During halftime of this week's Monday Night Football game Bowen will attempt to beat Lucas Jackson's record of eating fifty eggs in an hour. The eggs will come from a backyard poultry coop recently set up at the Dunwoody Country Club of Sandy Springs. Not sure how significant a role Dunwoody PD played in this, but it is good to see all the regional departments working together on this situation. Dunwoody PD, Sandy Springs PD, and Johns Creek PD are relatively new departments (but staffed with veterans) with many members coming from other metro agencies like Cobb and Smyrna and Marietta so these three agencies have guys who have worked on the job together before.

A concern some folks had when Dunwoody was created was that we (the city) would no longer benefit from the mass resources (air support, SWAT, boots on the ground, etc) from the large DeKalb department. Due to geography, many crimes in Dunwoody will have ties to Sandy Springs and Johns Creek more than they would with other areas of DeKalb, so it makes sense that the north DeKalb and north Fulton agencies will work together a lot.

Much talk lately about the city adding more officers, increasing the percentage of city funds going to police expenses.

I'd like to see PCID step up and play a role here. I know the businesses in the PCID already pay a chunk into the city bank account, but the mall area (part of the PCID) requires a lot of police resources. They (the PCID) employ lots of off-duty DeKalb and Fulton officers daily for traffic control around the mall and also over at Abernathy and P-Tree Dunwoody Road. These officers are paid (with private funds) to help get employees of PCID companies (and anyone else in the rush hour soup) onto GA 400 and '285'. A couple of the mega churches do the same thing on Sundays.

The private sector hiring public sector employees to manipulate traffic patterns in their favor is a topic for another time. I've seen fast-food joints hire off duty officers to help customers get in and out of their restaurants during peek times. Often these businesses do not have the prime real estate that allows for easy in and out traffic for their establishments, but they are able to overcome this by hiring government agents to control traffic to suit the needs and wants of said businesses.

Back to PCID and police. Would the PCID consider hiring two full time officers (like they hire off duty officers for traffic) to handle shoplifters, car break-in reports, accident reports from the mall parking lot, etc.? If PCID thinks it's important to get their employees out of their parking lots and onto the roads quickly, do they also think it is equally important to take care of the nasty side of things in the PCID? I've worked with a few former Blackwater guys (now US Training Center) that are more than able to handle things in the PCID. If the Blackwater guys are too much then how about a few fellows from Wackenhut?

One final thought on PCID - how about they build an elementary school in High Street once they start throwing up apartments and condos next year.