Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Left Turn Only

Mill Glenn folks have a new sign to restrict left turns off of Dunwoody Club Drive into their neighborhood. The new signage was installed today at Mill Shire Lane.

Sandy Springs recently 'improved' the intersection of Spalding / Roberts / Dunwoody Club Drive. This 'improvement' added a light to accommodate folks headed from Dunwoody Club going toward the Sandy Springs fire station. This new light sequence has caused major delays for Dunwoody folks coming off GA 400 down Roberts, and also for folks headed from Dunwoody's most dangerous intersection over to Roberts.

Dunwoody PD will be warning left turners over the next week or so, then tickets will be issued. With lots of traffic in the area many neighborhoods experience cut-through type traffic. Cut throughs like Mill Glen exist because the main roadways can't handle the traffic at peak times. As long as the main roads have too many cars, people will cut through neighborhoods.

Dunwoody Public Works guy was meeting with Sandy Springs this week to discuss traffic issues in this area. My thanks to whomever suggested this meeting.