Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dunwoody Late Harvest Run

This morning I ran (sorta) my first 5K race, and this mid-morning I am nursing my first 5K injury.

Today's race was the first Dunwoody Late Harvest Run through the streets of west Dunwoody. The proceeds ($25 to enter) benefit the Dunwoody Farmhouse and The Atlanta Humane Society. My cat is from the AHS and the Farmhouse is near and dear to my heart so it seemed like a good thing to do on a crisp fall morning.

The race started at the Farmhouse, went north past Publix and Mellow Mushroom, then veered left toward Redfield, staying on Chamblee Dunwoody Road. At the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Spalding (Dunwoody's most dangerous intersection), runners turned left on Spalding (headed toward Woodland Elem School), then made a sharp left on Dunwoody Road, then merged back onto Cham Dun Road. Runners again went past Redfield on the return back to the Farmhouse finish line.

A nice addition to the race was FarmHouser Al passing out cups of water, hot chocolate, or jello-shots of vodka at the race's halfway point on the Chamblee Dunwoody Road Expressway near Redfield. Al is co-owner of Horizon Windows and they were a part of today's event (handing out cups of water to participants and providing an excuse for people like me to stop and catch my breath for a minute or two).

Horizon Windows & Doors, a Dunwoody company, offers quality windows and doors for the metro area. The nice thing is that they are local. They are participating in a federal program that can help you save up to $1,500 on your purchase.

I started out in the front of the pack and was in 10th place or so for the first 50 yards. Then, as expected, I fell back into the pack. I met up with my 9 year-old daughter just past Publix and did the race with her. My wife and 7 year-old ran together.

I am not sure how many people ran the race, but I think it was around 200 people. I'm sure there will be an official story on the race in The Crier so they'll probably have a more accurate number. My entire family was there as where our neighbors. They finished way ahead of me as they are in great shape and like to run. I like to watch football on TV, without risk of injury.

The race was won by a lady that seemed to be a pretty fast runner. She started in the lead and never looked back. Her time was less than 20 minutes. My neighbor's friend Adam finished 3rd with a time of 20 minutes 30 seconds. My oldest daughter beat me by a minute or so. She swims every day so she has some endurance.

Tonight (Saturday) the race participants get to enjoy a live band and food at Dunwoody Tavern. I haven't been to the Tavern in a while so I'll let you know how it goes. I'll be sure to have my share of Red Hook Late Harvest Autumn Ale tonight since they were a sponsor (their distributor).

Aside from the race itself I was interested to see how Dunwoody Police would do with this event. At the same time over at Perimeter Mall was the Young Survivor Coalition's Tour de Pink. The bike race and the 5K actually intersected at Spalding and Chamblee Dunwoody Road, but the bike part was nearly all done by the time of the running race.

I was impressed with Dunwoody PD as they did an excellent job with traffic. They kept the runners safe and allowed for cars to sneak out of subdivisions in between runners (when there was a big break, with no interference of the race or infringement of runners' safety). I think Dunwoody PD had about seven cars dedicated to the 5K. Not sure of their presence at the Tour de Pink.

I think the Dunwoody PD needs to establish a volunteer program for events like this. Have a basic traffic control class and 'certify' residents to help in events like this. Each Citizen Volunteer would be issued an ANSI approved vest, two collapsible traffic cones, a Taser X3, a Glock 21 with AmeriGlo night sights, and a box of AmeriGlo 10" ChemFlare light sticks. Of course a shiny badge from Blackington would top off the kit.

I did not see any of the usual FarmHousers at today's event. This was a young crowd mostly and I saw no one doing the 5K in a scooter or walker. I was hoping to challenge Farmer Bob or Bob Fiscella in the race. No Council folks there either. This may have been one race I could defeat the General in, but probably not. He seems pretty fit. There were lots of activities around Dunwoody today and I'm sure a few of our city officials were out and about somewhere.