Sunday, August 23, 2009

Community Garden Now Open

Where The Sidewalk Ends - at the back of Brook Run Park is where you'll find the Dunwoody Community Garden.

City Council members Robert Wittenstein and Adrian Bonser were present today at the official grand opening of the community garden. Led by a volunteer board of directors, the garden i s made up of sixty plots, each measuring 8' x '4 each.

All plots are currently reserved, but a few may open up later this week. There is a wait list, but if interested email the garden folks at

I joined to learn more about gardening. It's one thing to read about alternate growing methods on the Internet, but I think learning first-hand will be better. I hope to have my kids learn from the experience as well.

Many of the harvested crops will be donated to a local food pantry.

The gardeners are a mixed group of local folks. Many of the people involved are names you'd recognize from other volunteer and social groups in Dunwoody.

Like any other new project, there are a lot of people responsible for getting this thing going. I do not know all their names but the list includes Rebecca, Sustainable Pattie, Farmer Bob, Paige, Angela, Jim H, and more.