Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dunwoody Community Garden

The Dunwoody Community Garden at Brook Run will open next Sunday, August 23rd. The opening date coincides with the official start of National Community Gardening Week. The US Dept of Agriculture wants citizens to 'connect with the land'.

I 'connected' for nearly five hours Saturday morning with a group of others including Sustainable Pattie, Paige, Rebeca, Angela, some high school kids, a guy who likes math and twine, and a few others.

When I first heard about today's event I thought I would drive up to the garden area, eat a donut or two, pick out a 4' x 8' plot, pull a couple of weeds or something, then be back in bed at 9 AM. (side note: Friday was my wedding anniversary so I treated my wife to a great band at Redfield pool, drank a few beers, and watched the kids swim. I then partnered with Ben and the two of us defeated Dee and Sarah in a late-night game of euchre. Ben is a good euchre partner. No matter how many Hoegaardens he has, his focus remains on the game.)

Things worked out OK, but not as I had planned. I got some sun and exercise at Brook Run. I mostly pounded stakes into the ground after math guy aligned the quadrants. All the people there were nice folks, Someone even made butterscotch cookies. I ate three or four of those.

About ten people focused on spreading the mulch onto the pathways. The mulch pathways separate the plots. We marked 60 plots, but there is room for expansion it seems. I never did get my spot picked, but I'm sure I'll get that detail taken care of. Sustainable Pattie said there's not a bad plot in the bunch.

One person I did not expect to see there this morning was Bob Lundsten. Like me, Bob probably thought donuts would be served. I have quickly learned that Sustainable Pattie's garden posse lives healthier than I do. That is part of the reason I signed up. Hopefully I'll figure out donuts are not the breakfast of champions and I should instead be connecting with the land instead of connecting with the donuts.

Back to Bob. I finally have a nickname for Bob, one I think he can live with. Farmer Bob it is. Since I have yet to select my
garden site, perhaps I'll find out where Bob's is located and get next to him. He'll most likely be growing hot peppers.

If you have a plot and plan on building your box now, I suggest you make the 4' x 8' to the outside of your frame, not inside. Although great care was taken to make sure all the plots are uniform, a few may be an inch or two short.

See you at the garden.

(Farmer Bob is the guy in the black shirt, I am the guy wearing black socks)

Dunwoody Library

Had a busy day today. Started at the Community Garden and ended at Councilman Taylor's campaign kickoff at Bruster's. In between, I got the wife's bicycle tire fixed and my daughter's bike seat fixed at Performance Bicycle (down by Walmart), stopped in at Lee Brant jewelers and had dinner at Fuddruckers.

I also went with my family to the Dunwoody Library. They had a celebration today with a Dunwoody history lesson, book appraisals, folks dressed in literary character costumes, a treasure hunt, and a barbershop quartet.

The celebration was put together by Friends of the Dunwoody Library, a non-profit group. You can support the group with cash donations and by buying books at one of their book sales. The next book sale is September 24,25,26,28.

I highly suggest using the Dunwoody library. You can also pay a fee and join the Fulton County library (in Sandy Springs off of Mt Vernon) and also join the Gwinnett Library system. They have a branch at Peachtree Corners.

I think the public library is one thing government seems to do well.