Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trailers on the Move

A good sign for Austin parents and kids - portable classrooms (trailers) being hauled out. No word if these are being transferred to the middle school, high school, or the county dump.

Many parents despise having their kids in these things. Concerns over air quality have existed as well as the lack of bathrooms in these has caused grief. I've heard other school trailers have bathrooms and other amenities, but I have not seen these myself.

The removal of the trailers is a bitter/sweet situation. Sweet in the sense that less kids are in this school (but the school will still be 5-10% over capacity on the first day of school next month). Bitter in the sense that the school's atmosphere will not resemble that of the past 30 years since the 4th and 5th graders have been pulled out and sent packing to the new Dunwoody Elementary. All Austin (and most Vanderlyn and Chesnut) 4th and 5th graders will now be bussed or driven by car to complete their elementary school years. In years past many of these same 4th and 5th graders walked or rode bikes to school.

One good thing for the K-3rd grade kids; they can actually have a 'Field Day' on a field if enough trailers are taken out. Not sure if Vanderlyn has had any trailers removed. If a reader has seen any hauled out please drop me an email.

I sincerely hope the school opens on time and every student has a successful school year. I saw John H's video and the building, like all new schools, looks nice. However, I think the strain of the extra traffic and busses on the road and the splitting up of siblings during the elementary school years is a high price to pay for not redistricting the Dunwoody cluster, but that is a lost battle at this point.

Back to School ads are popping up so go out and get those supplies and start getting those kids used to getting up early. Again, good luck to all this upcoming school year.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Red Box in Dunwoody

Looks like Dunwoody proper has its first Redbox video vending machine. There are nearly 16,000 red box vending machines across the country, with a new machine being placed somewhere every hour. A quick ZIP code search shows there are just a handful of these in the 30338.

Dunwoody's first redbox is outside Walgreens on Chamblee Dunwoody Road. It seems as the redbox folks like to put these things at Walgreens and Wal-Marts.

Videos are $1 a day and you can buy used vidoes for $7. The selection seems okay. I rented some kid video (for my kids) and I picked up Gran Torino for myself. I could have rented Gran Torino simply by using my Comcast remote control, but it was $4.99 On Demand. For $4 savings I'll make the drive to Walgreens, for now. If it were January 8th and cold and I had the urge to rent a movie, I'd opt for On Demand.

Publix has one of these machines as well, but not a Redbox. I've used the one at Publix. I will continue to use it if I happen to be out getting groceries and suddently want to rent Mall Cop. I am already on the wait list for when Land of the Lost arrives at my local Redbox.

Based on my unofficial results the Redbox machine dispenses DVDs 3% faster than the one at Publix.

The Redbox at Walgreens has a nice fabric curtain covering the screen. At first I thought it was to protect the sensitive LCD screen from harmful UV rays. I was wrong. The curtain is actually for teenage boys who don't want to be caught by a nosey neighbor renting rated 'R' flicks full of nudity. Imagine an 8th grader trying to rent something when all of a sudden his mom's friend gets in line behind him. The kid can simply put his head between the screen and curtain and complete the transaction in secrecy.