Monday, June 29, 2009

July 4th Parade memories

This weekend the weather looks great for a parade. I'll get over there early to secure a good viewing spot for the family, then sit around in the sun waiting for the parade to reach us. My favorite spot is to sit near the Ace hardware store or in the median by Goodyear tire store. Parking is somewhat of a hassle but expected.

It will be great to see local living legend Clark Howard. I hear there will be lots of bands, church floats, swim teams (beware all kids in the parade with Super Soakers; I will be carrying my own Super Soaker this year in case one of you squirts me), political folks (someone told me the Mayor will be riding in a new version of the Pope Mobile) and the usual local businesses throwing candy to the kids. I am glad that Cynthia McKinney will not be a part of the parade this year.

My kids always like to see the shiny DeKalb County garbage truck rumble through the parade. I hope the county/city dispute hasn't caused an absence of sanitation beauty in this year's parade.

It will be nice to see Dunwoody PD in the parade. Those shiny black & white's look good driving around our city. Afterwards I'll be sure to grill some beef hot dogs and perhaps get some ribs from Johnny over at Publix. I found a box of snakes to light in the driveway. Last year's snake residue is still there. Here is a link to a huge 'snake' problem in the town of South Park.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ASA swim championships

While butterflies were flying and margaritas were flowing here in Dunwoody, a couple hundred folks from Dunwoody were down at Georgia Tech ( ) for the ASA ( ) championships.

Dunwoody is home to many neighborhood swim teams and all swimmers can choose to participate in the championships. The qualifying rounds were held Friday & Saturday with the top relay teams and top individuals earning a spot at Sunday’s championships.

The excitement was in the air as rivals (neighbors and classmates) swam to see who goes in the record book as the best of ASA for the 2009 summer season.

Visit to see how things finished.

Want so swim year-round? Dynamo ( ) offers year-round classes for students of all levels and also has a home-school program.

Congratulations to all participants, the team parents, and all the volunteers.