Monday, April 20, 2015

Dunwoody High International Week

For the past eight years, the language students of Dunwoody High School have hosted a week of cultural activities called International Week. Through food, decorations, and games, students step into the many different cultural footprints found at Dunwoody High School. The students do everything from creating the fun games to contacting speakers to come and talk at the school. This year’s theme is “Step into Culture”, where we focus on each of our cultural footprints from around the world, and show how these footprints come together to explore the diversity found every day in the halls of Dunwoody High School. International Week culminates with International Night, which is on Friday, April 24 from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM at Dunwoody High School (5035 Vermack Road) in the cafeteria. Families are invited to come share a potluck dinner featuring performances by students. Tickets are only $6.00 per person. The unique T-Shirts are designed by the hardworking students of Dunwoody High, and will only be on sale from April 15 through 17, 2015 for $10.00 each. The proceeds will go to the Dunwoody High School language department and clubs, in addition to a local charity. Tickets may be purchased from students at Dunwoody High School who are in World Languages. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to this special event you can also contact us at dunwoodyinternationalweek2015@gmail.comDon’t miss this opportunity to step into culture! Buy tickets now!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dunwoody 2015 Swim Season Schedule

The 2015 swim schedule has been released, with DunwoodyTalk bringing it to you first.

Looks like Dunwoody North will finally host a few meets.  Did they fix their pool to allow for diving off blocks?  A tough schedule for DN.  Look for a 2-3 season.

Georgetown, welcome to the big leagues.  There schedule looks almost like a Vermack schedule of prior years. 3-2

Kingsley - the best schedule of all teams, all Dunwoody meets.  Perfect for travel and car pool.  We predict a 1-4 season.

Mill Glen will go 4-1 this season

Redfield  2-3, possibly 1-4.  Hosting Wynterhall is always a nice night.

The Branches - tough schedule.  Let's see how creative their swim team lady can get with lineups.  2-3 at best.

Vermack has three wins for sure, against the Dunwoody teams.  4-1 and will repeat as Dunwoody city champs for the 27th consecutive year.

Village Mill - The starwberry kids have a nice schedule, keeping it local all season.  2-3

Best of luck to all.  Keep your head down, kick those feet, and look out for outside smoke!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dunwoody Tournament First Round Part II

The Do-Gooders Bracket Round 1

Dunwoody YoungLife versus Pebble Tossers
YL doesn't have a home court; they have hundreds.  Their location varies week to week.  They are loosely organized on the court, rotating from a 1-3-1 defense to a box-in-one.  Pebble Tossers has a different roster every week. Their roster is full of volunteers. 

AhaConnection versus Lemonade Days
AhaConnection is the favorite here, playing an Auburn style game.  They like being on the big screen and this game will be broadcast live on movie theater screens across the 30338 and other Dunwoody ZIPs. Email here for free tickets.  Lemonade Days wanted the game played at Brook Run, where the annual carnival sets up, but they were reminded Brook Run doesn't have a basketball court. 

Dad's Bucket List versus Dunwoody Police
We think DBL is more of a hockey group.  We've all seen how wrestlers play basketball, so we assume hockey players are just as bad. The police will win this one easily.  We hear the department gets new Glock 43s if they win it all.

Dunwoody Homeowners versus Dunwoody Chamber
Tough game here.  The DHA is no longer the perennial powerhouse of old.  Gone are the days of Kenny Wright running point, dishing it to power forward Farmer Bob.  Now we have Witty (a nice 3 point shooter) running point but not much support. No big man inside for DHA.  The Chamber is an up and coming squad. 

Open Bracket Round 1
DunwoodyTalk versus Jerome from Costco
Jerome's a fast-talker and quick on his feet, but not match-up for DunwoodyTalk.  Jerome likes the perimeter game but lacks a rebounder.  DunwoodyTalk has a deep staff, and they practice on their indoor bunker court. 

DannyTheaterRoss versus TreeTopZippers
A 10% discount off your ticket for this game if you show your official Dunwoody ID.  No need for a waiver.  The Zippers, as expected, play above the rim.  They are young, quick, and move the ball well.  DTR is out of retirement, pulling out his old-school Chuck Taylors and bringing his bayou style to Dunwoody. 

BrookRun1984Cameras versus Dunwoody Bycyclists
Many of you are not aware of the BrookRun1984Camera team.  It's Big Brother at its finest.  This team takes a photo of your license plate when you enter Brook Run.  No one knows for sure what/where/how long this data is stored, but don't you worry about it! Mr. Charrington is the team's point guard (the team is nicknamed the Ministry of Hoops).  The bicycle posse only appears to be a duplicate of a team in the Twitter bracket.  This squad is made up of the actual bike riders, not their unsocial media friends. DB runs lots of screens, getting in your way constantly.  They will cause lots of traffic in the paint, at mid court, in the concessions area, and all around the arena. 

Dunwoody City Council versus The Other Dunwoody
TOD has been dreaming of this game since 2008.  Expect lots of questions at the pregame press conference as TOD is rarely seen in public.  He plays hoops over at some Catholic school (Saint A's), usually schooling AL-TD in H.O.R.S.E. City Council put out an RFP for new team players, promising new vehicles, annual bonuses and raises.

Best of luck to all in Round 1.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dunwoody 2nd Annual March Madness

Madness is a daily way to describe life and politics in DeKalb County and Dunwoody.  To help reduce stress DunwoodyTalk is again hosting a March Madness tournament.

See last year's HERE

Last year's theme was city-manager based, and apparently we have one of those now.  This year's tournament is geared to raise funds for a new theater.  The ice cream of the past future, dippin dots, is a corporate sponsor, but more money is needed.  It has been suggested the city manager use his power to fund it with a series of purchases under $50,000, but that idea failed to pass mustard with community council.

This year's tournament will be played at venues in Sandy Springs and Brookhaven as Dunwoody has sparse offerings when it comes to active adults and youth sports.  We thank our neighboring communities for your hospitality.  Please continue to bring your dogs to Brook Run and send your skate-boarders as well.  The door is always open at Brook Run.  We'll take a simple photo of your license plate as you enter so we can mail you a coupon for the metro Atlanta tree zip line (rumor has it you get a glimpse of the dog park when you zip from station 3 to 4).

Before we get into the match-ups, we need to discuss who didn't break the bubble.  The SaveDunwoody league had no teams qualify.  The league is on the verge of folding.  Also, Captain Kingsley failed to qualify this year, as did perennial favorite GaryRay.  GaryRay moved on to the Amsterdam Copperheads, a start-up in the EU league.  Many new faces this year, some quite controversial.

Round 1
Twitter League.  The Twitter League is quite the group.  Some names will be new to you, so please check Twitter for these folks.

DunwoodyCriers versus CRS19
CRS19 listens to talk radio all day, complains about the Tech and the Bulldogs, and is knowledgeable about all things Dunwoody.  CRS19 likes to eat at VB and take walks on DV Parkway.  DunwoodyCriers is new - just moved up from Division3, but will be well known soon.

ViewFromWise versus BikeWalkDunwoody
Wow, VFW really mixes it up on Twitter.  Once accused of being a robot, VFW spits out the same things daily.  Wise or not, a tough opponent is BWD.  We're not sure where BikeWalkdaWood came from, or whom plays on this team.  We do know they promote a variety of things like walking and biking.

Dunwoody Community versus Dunwoody PC
These two Twitter powerhouses put out lots of info on unsocial media.  DunwoodyCommunity is the favorite in this game, as long as a car doesn't zip around a bus and hit him.  DunwoodyPC is an unbalanced team, with a narrow focus on cleaning viruses from tennis moms' laptops. 

dhswildcatpride versus YourDunwoody
YourDunwoody is quite the retweeter, but does have some original content, mainly coupons and discounts.  He'll need help to get by the local high school team.  dhswildcatpride has youth on its side and will run n gun all game.

 Round 1 DeKalb Conference
New this year is a bracket filled with some of our favorites from our own DeKalb County.

TeamJester versus District5BOC.
Looks like TeamJester gets a bye in Round 1 as there is no D5 commissioner.  We just need an iris scan, large toe prints, a DNA sample, and proof of being born on Earth from Stan to complete the entry paperwork.

Andrew@TheChampion versus NeonFlagChidi
These two teams used to be in the Twitter league, but both deserted after last season.  NeonFlag enters the tournament after national attention during the DeKalb commissioner race.  Andrew is the anti-Dunwoody team, looking to wreck havoc in da Wood.

MelvinJohnson versus MikeyThurmond
A great early match-up, this game will be live on DCTV.  Not since Dr Walker versus Jay in 2008 have we seen powerhouses of DeKalb meet this early.  Thurmond likes to apply the full court press early and often.  No textbooks in his locker room, but lots of friends and family to help him along the way. Melvin has requested finger print scanners at the gates, but will allow felons in.  Children will be seated in the viewing cottages as indoor seating reserved for friends and family of the teams.

BurrellEllis versus I-CEO May
This game was scheduled to be played at the South DeKalb YMCA, but ticket demand has moved the game to the gym at Miller Grove.  Residents of District 5 not allowed to attend, however.  Michael Bowers will referee the game.  Elliss is a point guard by nature, and is a great floor general. May did not originally qualify for the tournament, but earned a spot after another team was disqualified.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brook Run Settlement Soon?

Dunwoody taxpayers continue to pay annually for a Parks Bond that was approved years ago, before we became a city.  Take a look at your tax bill and you'll see it.  When the county voters were being solicited to vote YES to borrow money to improve parks, it was mentioned that much of that money would be spent at Brook Run, and in other areas of the county.  To no surprise to anyone, little of that money ever made it to the parks in Dunwoody. 

No worries.  We have a city next door called Sandy Springs.  That city has lots of money and more open space than Dunwoody.  The leaders in Sandy Springs built some impressive outdoor parks the past few years. It's apparent leaders in Sandy Springs appreciate youth and active adult sports.

The beautiful fields at Morgan falls in nearby Sandy Springs
the not-so-beautiful fields of Brook Run

Now that they have built the basics, they are stepping it up another notch, building a theater as part of their city center. The theater will be nice, but it will be empty more times than full.  Same for the nice Cobb Energy Center.  Nice place, but icing on a cake for a community.

If you have kids and want to sign them up for youth sports or other activities, head over to the web sites of Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, or some other city close by.

So back to that Parks Bond you are paying off.  You most likely don't get any benefit from it, nor do your Dunwoody neighbors.  But you have to keep paying.  After becoming a city, Dunwoody filed a lawsuit against DeKalb, demanding million of dollars to be spent at Brook Run.  DunwoodyTalk has not heard anything of a settlement, but recent stirrings point toward a possible settlement.  Will Dunwoody and DeKalb soon settle, with Dunwoody receiving $3 to $6 million?  

A movement has started to claim millions of lawsuit-settlement dollars to revamp a deteriorated theater at Brook Run. Thespians across the land are uniting for a reverse curtain call at Brook Run.  Talks of puppets, Dance Dan, Inc., and backdoor Stage Players are trending across the social media.

Kids are too busy on Instagram in Mom's grocery-getter, on their way to Murphy Candler or Morgan Falls or Hammond Park to know that no one is organizing for them.  But give them time.  About 20 years or so. Then they'll look back and wonder why their hometown had nothing but the Greater Atlanta Baseball league.

A small theater in Dunwoody would be nice, but how about saving Brook Run for outdoor activities?  

A new theater could be voted on by placing a Theater bond on the ballot.  The location would be the current site of the library.  The modern day library is as useful as the Dewey Decimal System.  It serves as nothing more than a place for people to mooch free taxpayer Internet.  We'd be better off having the city buy some RedBox looking kiosks with city-paid WiFi, and allowing people to use these to check their Hot Mail accounts.  

What about Spruill Pottery Throwers Guild?  Well, the Spruill profitable non-profit Spruill folks can build an art room in the basement of the new hotel/restaurant complex they are putting on their property?  Did someone just hear that?  It sounded like someone turning over in their grave.

I'm all for a theater, just not in Brook Run.  We all know that a certain percentage of Brook Run must remain 'natural', as in grass and trees and such.  The theater and new parking will restrict adding sports fields.  The private garden and orchard have claimed a chunk of park, the tree zip line thing is yet another regional feature, like the dog park and skate park, and we all know the dog story, right?  The dog park ruined lots of land in the park, so our city leaders decided to move the dog park so it can ruin even more land in the park.  And you are paying for it as well.  Dunwoody will spend a couple hundred thousand more dollars this year so dogs can continue to poop and pee in our 100-acre wasteland.

Let's build something for the children of Dunwoody and not continue funding things designed for the entire metro area.   

On a lighter note, check back next week for March Madness in Dunwoody.  We've expanded the field to 64 teams.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lee May Disenfranchising Residents of DeKalb County District 5

Lee May was elected to the DeKalb County Commission in July of 2012.  District 5 voters went to the polls and elected him to a second term.  He still resides in District 5.  At the time May was elected Burrell Ellis was the CEO of DeKalb.  A year later May was appointed interim CEO by Governor Deal after CEO Ellis was charged with a few (14) felonies and was removed from office (suspended) by Governor Deal. 

In October 2014 Ellis was in court and a mistrial was declared, sending Ellis home, but not back to the CEO job. He is still officially suspended, keeping Lee May as interim (not elected) CEO of DeKalb.  Technically May seems to be the Commissioner of District 5 as he wears the CEO crown.

Lee May has a choice to make.  He claims that District 5 needs a representative.  What he actually wants/needs is someone in the D5 chair to vote along side him.  He needs one more vote to get his way on several issues.  The way it is now, May does not control a majority on the Commission.  Lee May can resign as D5 commissioner today, then a special election will be held for that spot.  May would remain as interim CEO, unless Deal lifts the suspension of Ellis.  If the DeKalb district attorney doesn't pursue new charges/new trial against Ellis, then Deal may be forced to reinstate Ellis.  If Ellis is reappointed and a new D5 commissioner is elected, then May is no longer a DeKalb political celebrity.  And apparently that is more important than anything to May than D5 having a commissioner that past year or so.  He has put his personal interests ahead of those of his district.

Is May in office because he cares about DeKalb and his district, or is he in office for the power?  Or for the paycheck? Or a combination? If May is truly upset about D5 not having a commissioner, he should have resigned (and remained as CEO) months ago.  But he has not.  He is the one keeping the ballot from D5 voters, not the other commissioners.  May could have avoided this issue months ago, but obviously he thinks it's too risky (Ellis coming back). 

District 5 voters, tell May to let you vote!

Quite ironic that May pleaded with Deal to appoint a new D5 commissioner.  Just a couple years ago county officials and others in DeKalb were upset because Deal did appoint new school board members.  They cried of being disenfranchised for removing their elected officials and not allowing for new elections, with deal choosing to appoint new school board members.  Now May actually asked Deal to appoint someone?  We don't think Deal could do it anyway as a legal battle would start to decide of the D5 spot is actually vacant or not.  

Lee May, take the chance and resign from D5 and stay on as CEO. You can always throw your name in the hat for school superintendent should Ellis come back.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DeKalb Superintendent Search Doomed From the Start

ICEO of DeKalb, Lee May, dipped his toes into the school system's turf earlier this week. May wants to assist the school board in selecting its new superintendent.  May (and others such as Rep Scott Holcomb) wants a few of DeKalb's outstanding citizens on a Selection Committee.  

First, here's a list of people suggested by May and Co.

The selection committee would consist of 14 members and be comprised of the following:
2 Board of Education members
1 Superintendent Michael Thurmond
1 DeKalb County CEO
1 DeKalb County Board of Commissioner
1 DeKalb Chamber of Commerce member
1 DeKalb Development Authority member
1 DeKalb State Representative
1 DeKalb State Senator
1 DeKalb PTSA member
1 ODE member
1 NAACP member
1 Leadership DeKalb member
1 Georgia Association of Educators member

Although we at DunwoodyTalk have been quiet as of late, we've created a few more slots for the Selection Committee.  Unlike Lee May and Co. we have included at least one member from the Hispanic community.

1 DeKalb District 5 Commissioner 
1 Dunwoody Homeowners Association
1 Druid Hills Civic Association
1 Heery-Mitchell 
1 Zo's Pizza
1 Alexander & Associates
2 DeKalb School Watch

1 Dunwoody Crier 
1 The Champion Newspaper
1 DeKalb Sheriff's Office
1 New Birth Missionary
 1 Georgia Piedmont Technical College Foundation
1 Homeschooling Mom

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dunwoody's Best Option for Shipping Christmas Gifts is American Mail

It's holiday time.  Don't wait in line over at the Government shipping center.  All your shipping needs (and gift wrapping) can be handled at American Mail.  American Mail is conveniently located on Main Street Chamblee Dunwoody Road, across from Publix (same parking lot as Mellow Mushroom, the only local place to get Hoegaarden on draft). Head in and meet Vic and Nina.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dunwoody Leads the Way for Non-Combustible Buildings, Preventing a Massive Fire as seen Today in Los Angeles

A huge fire engulfed nearly an entire block today in Los Angeles, CA.  The fire broke out in the DaVinci apartment complex, a seven-story building. The bottom two floors were concrete, the top five wood-framed construction. 250 fire fighters worked to extinguish the fire.

As we learn from others, never let a tragedy go to waste.  Tonight at city council there will be a 2nd read on changes to Chapter 8, Buildings and Building Regulations.  See HERE.

The heart of the change to Chapter 8 is to require the use of non-combustible materials for buildings like the "upscale" DaVinci apartments.  In Dunwoody, any building over three stories will require non-combustible building materials if these changes pass tonight.  DunwoodyTalk expects passage by a 5-2 vote.

The Council for Quality Growth is opposed to these new standards.  No word at this time from the seekers of quality on the L.A. fire and the wood construction.  

The Council for Quality Growth has quite the headline on their web siteDunwoody Proposed Ordinance to Eliminate Certain Potential New Development in City if Passed.  Well, that's a chance we'll have to take, I suppose.  We don't have 250 fire fighters to fight a seven story twig blaze, so non-combustible sounds good to us.  Perhaps Los Angeles will follow our lead.

We heard that this change to Chapter 8 will stop development in Dunwoody.  Of course the new proposed hotel by Wal-Mart changed from three story wood construction to seven story concrete/steel just recently, defying the 'eliminate development' claim.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deer on the Move in Dunwoody

Hunters across the country anxiously await the 'rut' every deer season.  This is a family-friendly blog so we'll keep it clean.  Rut is when those bucks break their cautious behaviors and seek a few girlfriends.  The past week and into next week seems to be the 'rut' season for Dunwoody.  You'll see dead deer along the roads.  Be careful driving at dawn, dusk, daytime, and nighttime as the deer are on the move. 

If you do hit a deer and it dies, you can salvage the meat.  It's what we call the Original Grass-Fed Meat. No hormones injected, all organic.  Look online for the closest deer processor.  Check local law regarding road kill.  

Hunters donated 2.8 million pounds of game meat last year, 11 million meals. A DunwoodyTalk staffer donated venison just last week.

Many people like seeing the deer in the suburbs, until they do $5,000 in damage to your vehicle.  Or when they eat your crops from your food garden.

Here's where deer belong

Brood of  wild turkeys