Friday, June 16, 2017

Dunwoody Week 3 Swim Results

Brittany Club 472          Dunwoody CC 324
Zaban 473                      Deerebrooke Waters 278
Dunwoody North 417    Fontainebleau 361
Garden Hills 460           Georgetown 336
The Branches 436          Marl Trl Princ Sq 340
Vermack 448                  Mill Glen 320
Redfield 433                  Wynterhall 329
Village Mill 431             Kingsley 359

This week's scores and ranking brought to you by Village Burger

Dunwoody Conference Rankings
#1 Dunwoody CC 
#2 Vermack
#3 Georgetown
#4 Redfield
#5 Mill Glen

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dunwoody 2017 Week 2 Swim Meet Results

Dunwoody Country Club 405     Kingsley 374

Chastain Park 545                       The Branches 303

Mark Trl Princeton 505               Dunwoody North 280

Georgetown 458                          Hampton Hall S 320

Redfield 469                                Huntcliff 298

Mill Glen 452                              Huntley Hills 305

Vermack 422                                Fontainebleau 345

Village Mill 434                          Byrnwyck 342

Wynterhall 441                            Deerbrooke 302

Zaban 424                                    Deerfield SL 355

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dunwoody 2017 Swim Season

The 2017 swim season is upon us here in Dunwoody.  Kids of all ages hitting the pools on Tuesday nights.

“Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.” – Muhammad Ali

Dunwoody Country Club 410  Vermack 379
The Vermack Vikings suffered an early season defeat to DCC.  Will the perennial champion of Dunwoody rebound this week?  After winning 16 world championships, on par with Ric Flair, the swimming world is watching closely.

Georgetown 407  Roxboro 389

Dunwoody North 386  HLHK  384

Kingsley 405  Fontainebleau 360

Mill Glen 445  Wynterhall 316

Mountaire 461  Redfield 306

Brittany Club 426  Village Mill 370

Please email swim photos and tidbits to 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dunwoody Class of 2018 - The Nomads

The Dunwoody High School Class of 2018 will go down in history as a great group, able to overcome everything thrown at them.  From classroom to trailer back to classroom and trailer. Crawford Lewis ripped them from their elementary schools (well, not all.  A couple of feeder schools were spared) when he created the 4th-5th Academy.  Remember that fiasco?  Good ole CrawLewis said he was out here in Dunwoody walking the neighborhoods, seeing where to draw new attendance lines.  He had a Sharpie and a 1978 topo map, and just couldn't figure it out. So, we had the short-lived 4th 5th grade Academy of Higher Learning.

The Class of 2018 started at feeder schools, complete with trailers.  Here's a July 2009 photo of trailers being moved at Austin.

Dunwoody Trailer Austin Elem School 2009

Grand Opening of the Dunwoody 4th 5th Academy

The Class of 2018 went from 3rd grade at their local feeder school to the 4th -5th grade Academy for two years.  It was a new school, had an actual playground, and a real grass field for recess.  When discussing the 4-5 Academy with current juniors at DHS, the response was mostly positive.  The kids liked meeting making new friends.  After the Academy, the Class of 2018 moved over to PCMS.  It was here the Class of 2018 was reunited with trailers from Austin and Vanderlyn.  Instead of new trailers for Peachtree in 2011, DeKalb thought it was best to bring ones already in Dunwoody.  We found the following quotes from Valerie Biggerstaff from the Spruill Chesnut farmhouse school Almanac:  "This is awesome.  I'm in 6th grade and get my 3rd grade trailer.  My boogers are still under my desk," exclaimed Jeffy Davis.  "Oh, how cute.  My finger painting from art class is still glued to the trailer wall," commented Courtney Johnston. "Hey look, there's our poster from the Austin 2nd Grade Circus," laughed Ashley Schindler.

Well, the Class of 2018 escaped PCMS and landed at DHS. It wasn't long after the 2018 posse showed up at DHS that trailers were rolled in.  I am not sure, but these trailers may have been Hurricane Katrina stock.  And now, as the Class of 2018 is finishing their junior year, ready to Rule the School, Dan Drake and Superintendent Green send out the tree-cutting crew and haul in some massive trailers.

The outdoor picnic area is a fraction of its prior self, and the Class of 2018 is right back where they started - staring at trailers all day.  But the Class of 2018 is a great group, and they'll be just fine, despite the treatment by DeKalb County School District.

I really hope the Class of 2018 official class T-shirt has a trailer on it

Rumors are circling the air on the trailers.  In an email blast, the school claims the trailers are months early due to permitting.  I do not believe this is an accurate statement.  We know darn well the City of Dunwoody didn't issue a permit.  According to a city councilman, DeKalb sent over some paperwork to city hall and nothing was done with it.  That paperwork was probably tossed into the Manget Way file.  One source tells us the new trailers out front are replacing the other trailers in back of the school, making room for the turf field.  Unfortunately, the turf field is #1 for a few people.  Nothing else matters.  'Let the kids eat inside, cut the trees and take away the picnic area, don't bother adding parking at the retention pond, just give us a turf field'. That's the mentality.

Monday, March 20, 2017

No New Fields Soon for Dunwoody High School

As expected, DeKalb once again sticks it to Dunwoody.  A few of us tried to warn remind you (school councils, involved parents, shareholders) that DeKalb Schools does everything possible to screw with Dunwoody.

Remember how DeKalb dangled that carrot of a new turf field, improving the gymnasium and locker rooms, and generally said they were going to do all they could to improve our high school as soon as possible?   Remember how DunwoodyTalk and others told you not to believe a word they say?  

The good news is that the new turf field at Dunwoody High School will be ready for when today's 3rd graders make the jump to DHS.   For those of you with kids in middle or high school now - well, tough luck.  If you want to play on a decent field without risk of injury, move to a new area or apply for private school.  

That retention pond that's getting covered for additional parking?  Well, that's not happening until 2023.  That's great news for those kids who are now just old enough to walk to Moe's (during daylight hours) and buy a Joey Bag of Donuts.  Looks like six more years of street parking for students and six more years of Vandy moms being irritated with parking.

New locker rooms?  New gym?  Never.  

Maybe we need some videos posted of the poor conditions on line like this parent.  The county promised to fix this issue within two weeks. 

This is exactly why our city council should not have signed any deals with DeKalb regarding Austin and PCMS and the ball fields.  That was the only leverage we had.  The city should have insisted on a quick remedy to the parking situation at the high school, at the least, before signing the Austin land swap deal.  

Well played. DeKalb County School District.  You never always disappoint. Our school councils?  Perhaps put something in your charter that says 'Trust No One" (Fox Mulder) so future parents won't make the same mistakes.

Here's the link to Stan Jester's blog listing the proposed construction dates:  HERE



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dunwoody March Madness Returns

Things are truly changing here in Dunwoody.  The madness never stops.  In honor of the greatness of the people and things in Dunwoody (and DeKalb), we are bringing back our blog tournament.

Look for the 2017 bracket later this week.

Here is a link to the 2014 tournament:

2014 Final Four preview post:

 The 2014 Final Four saw local greats Sustainable Pattie, Captain Kingsley, Norb, and Gary Ray display their talents.  In the end, it Captain Kingsley winning.  (see HERE).

Here's a bit of the 2014 blog post after Captain won:

In the spirit of hard-working Dunwoody folk, Captain Kingsley has captured the crown of Dunwoody City Manager.  Captain Kingsley replaces Warren officially on April 26.  "I'm honored to become the city's 2nd ever City Manager.  I look forward to leading our city in a safe and healthy direction.  Annual pay raises and a car allowance are also nice perks not currently enjoyed by yours truly," said a tearful Captain Kingsley.  "My first order of business will be backyard poultry, followed by Walk to Council Meeting Mondays."

Warren, packing his bags for Johns Creek added, "Captain Kingsley's background in fitness, reading, and producing fancy multi-media productions suit him well for the position and I'll leave a stapler and hole-punch on my desk for him."

"Disappointed?  Hell no.  I made it to the championship game.  Weaker men folded much earlier in this contest.  Captain Kingsley is an okay dude and will steer this ship in the right direction," said GaryRayBetz.  "I missed Wrestlemania 30 over this, but I'll get over that, I hope."

"This is a guy I think we can work with.  Although his roots are questionable, he's not an idiot.  I've reached out to him already and we are meeting at Hickory House to discuss the SaveDunwoodyPac8 agenda," said Norb.

Team Wingate chimed in from the arena's box seats, "The mask is a little disturbing, but those tight leggings are kinda hot."

"I'll hold judgement until I know if this Captain is working from home or not.  The code clearly states a SLUP is needed for all mask-wearing super heroes," commented SDOC.

The usual crowd gathered early at the BP gas station to discuss this event.  "He drops in here once in a while.  He usually gets $15 unleaded gas, a Diet Pepsi, some beef jerky, and a pack of Marlboro Reds, hard box.  The guy is animate on the hard box, says the soft pack crushes in those pants of his," commented an unknown BP Posse member.  

"I have invited him to the Meng House.  He better show up as we have lots to discuss," stated MengHouseTony.

Mayor Davis said he is anxious to meet with Captain Kingsley.  "My staff has been instructed to let him in the door so we can discuss all options.  Although we appointed Chief Grogan as interim city manager, there may be some wiggle room there.  Our legal staff is on it."

In celebration of the victory, the Kingsley PTA has renamed the school library's Dewey Decimal system as the Captain Kingsley Decimal System and the Kingsley Swim and Tennis has dedicated its first home swim meet in Captain's honor. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Roswell GA GIS Viewer Full of Features

The City of Roswell, GA, a city full of parks and the real Canton Street, recently launched a new GIS web site.  And the Roswell version is much better than the product offered by Dunwoody.

The Roswell viewer is HERE.  It's packed full of features.  Want to see bike lanes?  No problem.  MARTA stops, routes?  Yep.  How about crime spots for the past 30 days?  Yes, it has that as well. New to the area and want to find playgrounds?  The Roswell site has that as well.

The City of Dunwoody GIS, HERE. is easy to navigate and load, but does not have nearly as many layers (features/amenities) as the Roswell version.  Fulton County (Roswell) may have better data for Roswell to use, but Dunwoody should be able to have access to MARTA routes and stops.  Dunwoody could also add walking trails and bike routes, as these are added.  Hopefully Dunwoody's IT staff and can take a peak at Roswell's GIS and improve Dunwoody's version.

Friday, February 10, 2017

City of Dunwoody - Georgia's Largest HOA

Well, the battle is over.  Chief Grogan has decided to restrict parking around Dunwoody High School, on public streets.  Any other neighbors not wanting public parking on 'their' street are encouraged to whine, complain, and harass 16 and 17 year old girls on a daily basis, then demand the police chief take action. 

Next week look for a ban on pink flamingo yard ornaments within 100 feet of a senior citizen's home.  City council agenda for March lists a proposal to ban children from parks due to complaints that some adults could see and hear said youth. 

DeKalb School District is saying they can't/won't cover the pond, adding additional parking, until construction at DHS is over.  That will be a couple years away, at the earliest.   The 5th graders at the feeder schools will most likely be the first to park in the new lot.

We've reviewed dozens of emails between city council members, the police chief, and neighbors.  We could not find any specific incidents reported relating to safety of homeowners or students.  This appears to be an issue of neighbors not wanting to look at cars from their home windows.  

From: "B. Grogan"

Subject: RE: DHS Parking
During the last two weeks, I have driven around Dunwoody High School numerous times and have observed about a 50% reduction in the number of student cars that are parking on some of the streets around the school including Corners Drive.  Although I believe that is a significant reduction, I understand there is still some concern in the community.

Therefore, I have asked our Public Works Director, Michael Smith, to install No Parking signs on both sides of Corners Drive.  Parking will be restricted between 8am-2pm, Monday-Friday.  We anticipate there will be six signs installed; three on each side of the road. 

Unfortunately, it will take several weeks to have the signs installed.  They have to be fabricated and a utility survey has to be completed since we are sticking posts in the ground.

At this time, these are the only No Parking signs that will be installed.  We plan on notifying the students parking on Corners Drive about the No Parking signs being installed and will strongly encourage them to park at St. Lukes.  If other streets experience a student parking problem after the No Parking signs are installed, we will move swiftly to address those issues.    


Billy Grogan
Chief of Police
Dunwoody Police Department
41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 100
Dunwoody, GA 30346

Subject: DHS Parking

Thank you to everyone who attending the meeting at the Fxxxxxx's home a few weeks ago.  We discussed giving the high school two weeks to address the situation before installing restricted parking signs and today marks two weeks.  There are still students using Corners Drive as a parking lot on a daily basis.  I walked by St. Lukes yesterday at 1pm and there were only nine student cars parked in their lot.  Can we help with the process of having the signs approved and installed?  What time frame are we looking at?  

Thanks again for your time and persistence-