Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lemonade Days in Dunwoody

One of the best annual events in Dunwoody is this week - Lemonade Days.

Head over to Brook Run Park in Dunwoody for this family affair.  It's great for the kids and adults.

Look HERE for details of all the events at Lemonade Days in Dunwoody.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dunwoody Parks Survey

Please go here:


Dunwoody, GA – April 6, 2016 – The City of Dunwoody asks residents to provide feedback and input to help guide the future of the city’s parks and recreation facilities and services. The open online survey, accessible at, is available for Dunwoody residents to complete over the next two weeks.
The survey is part of the city’s current Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update efforts and will provide critical information in determining community values, satisfaction levels, needs and priorities for the city’s long-term planning efforts.
The purpose of the survey is to retrieve vital resident opinions about what types of programs, facilities, and services residents want to see in their parks and recreation facilities and where priorities should be placed.  Additional questions will assess current levels of usage, and other specific community needs.
“Community input is an essential part of this process and helps the city to best tailor the plan to reflect the community’s desires and needs,” said Brent Walker, Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Director.
A random sampling of residents received an identical mailed survey and these responses will provide statistically valid results for the Dunwoody community.  The city and survey analysis team requests residents who received a paper survey invitation in the mail, to please take the time to send back responses.
The newly launched open online survey is in addition to the mailed survey and will provide a separate set of survey polling results which will be analyzed and compared along with the mailed survey responses to appropriately guide the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update efforts for the City of Dunwoody.
Residents can visit to complete the survey which can be taken on a computer, tablet or a mobile device.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Beware the Condo-Apartment

What is a condo-apartment?  A condo-apartment is a unit in a condo building that is rented with a one year rental term, or perhaps a month-to-month arrangement, or perhaps you rent it for only one night via Airbbn. By the way, plenty of Airbnb rentals in Dunwoody, maybe one on your street. I'm not aware of any city code restrictions.  Perhaps someone on city council can provide some input on the topic.  Other Georgia municipalities have recently enacted code to restrict Airbnb type rentals. 

When developers mention 'condos' or 'town-homes', most folks assume owner-occupied.  This is not the case, and proposed condos at Perimeter could be 50% rental units. A rental condo is the same as an apartment, regardless of what developers and real estate 'professionals' tell you.

At the DHA meeting on Sunday we had a man from the Manhattan tower in attendance.  The Manhattan is the very tall building next to Target, located in the Perimeter area.  The Manhattan allows for 25% of the condos to be rented.  The guy from the Manhattan is on the HOA there and he encouraged the DHA board to consider supporting only new condo towers with lower than 25% rental units. He implied that the few issues the HOA has at the Manhattan are from the renters. Currently there are many units for sale and rent there.

When and why are condos rented?  When an individual or business has debt, they usually need to make payments on that debt.  Payments require cash.  If a condo is empty, it is not bringing in cash.  If you can't sell a condo, you rent it.  The housing recession impacted many condo and HOA communities. Individual condo unit owners rent to a subtenant and developers often rent out unsold units in new buildings until buyers are found.  You can read more about renters versus owners for condos at many web sites. In summary, condo owners, condo managers, and condo HOA's prefer owners over renters.  The condo tower, like a traditional single-family home, is a close community.  Owners are more likely to invest time and volunteer at the building, and in general, make better neighbors, based on the 'research' conducted here at DunwoodyTalk.

Back to the renter versus owner-occupied issue.  Just a month ago the DHA, the city council, and other boards discussed the new town homes on Dunwoody Village Parkway.  The DHA supported a 10% limit on the number of rental units. We don't believe the DHA should support anything that is multi-family due to Dunwoody's congestion and current/future inventory of multi-family units, but if it does, a 5% or 10% cap seems appropriate.

You can read more about condos and rental units HERE and HERE.

 Sandy Springs continues to add more and more apartments. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fake Bank Robbery and Fake Gunfire in Dunwoody Next Week

Subject: INFO: Ashford Dunwoody Traffic Delays Wed 3/16, Thu 3/17 and Mon 3/21 from 6am - 8pm due to Movie Filming

The film company, Bambino Films, LLC, will be filming scenes for the upcoming motion picture "Baby Driver" in the Perimeter area.

The filming dates are currently scheduled for Wednesday, 3/16, Thursday, 3/17 and Monday, 3/21, between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm.

The majority of the activity will be on private property located at the building on the corner of Perimeter Center West directly across from the Exxon on Ashford Dunwoody.

Throughout those three days, the filming company will be filming scenes of a SIMULATED bank robbery, which will involve fake GUNFIRE and driving stunts on the property.

During the hours of 9:00 am and 11:30 am, on all three days - 3/16, 3/17 & 3/21 - the film crew will be temporarily holding traffic on Ashford Dunwoody Rd. between Perimeter Center East/West (McDonald's) and Hammond Dr., to perform driving scenes on Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

Please expect traffic delays during these times. The film company asks that you plan accordingly. The Dunwoody Police Department will be assisting with the traffic management and will be on site for all filming activity.

Bambino Films, LLC will make every effort to minimize the impact on the neighborhood/Perimeter area.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dunwoody Earns High Ranking from Niche Millennials

Dunwoody ranks #2 for Best Suburbs of Atlanta for millennials.  Image that!  No TOD, no strip clubs, no large community theater, and no 12-foot sidewalks. So how did we earn #2?  I believe it's quite simple; provide a safe and clean place to live.  

We keep hearing about millennials want to live above MARTA tracks in a 1,200 sq foot condo and that we need more apartments to attract this generation of taxpayers.  Of course it's the apartment builders and their lobbyists saying this. The truth is millennials like to live in houses as well, not just rental units.

You can see the #2 ranking breakdown at NICHE. Dunwoody gets an A rating for commute, restaurants, and coffee shops.  da wood earns a B for bars.  Apparently Niche didn't make it up to the Dunwoody Tavern on a Saturday night.  We do agree that the Perimeter area could use one more bar, perhaps something like Whisky Mistress. Dunwoody received a C+ for Crime and Safety, the lowest ranking of the categories considered.  The majority of Dunwooy's crime is from the mall and apartments areas.  And there are those among us wanting to make these areas even more 'urban', quoting a developer from Sunday's DHA meeting.

At Sunday's DHA meeting we heard from some seasoned developers (Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Perimeter on their résumé).  These guys are promoting a new development for 285 at Ashford Dunwoody Road.  There is a 15 acre parcel behind Best Buy, with frontage on 285. The developer doesn't need any zoning changes to put in their tall office towers, but they insist on a tower of condos. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dunwoody Photos

From the AJC collection

see HERE at the AJC

Funny how these 1970's folks wanted bike lanes.  Forty years later this same generation doesn't want bike lanes because most are too old to ride.  Instead they want a theater.

Dunwoody Village. Not much has changed

Ashford Dunwoody Road

Perimeter mall opens

DHA President

Anyone you know? Dunwoody moms always keep it real
Spruill Farm in Dunwoody.  Spruill group sold out to a hotelier recently. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Big Dunwoody Event Saturday Night

Join your friends and neighbors this Saturday at the Wildcat Royale.  Event is open to all.  Dunwoody alumnus, Dunwoody parents, local political folks, local celebrities, and all others - please come out for an evening of fun and fundraising.

Buy tickets TODAY.  Last day for online purchase is Tuesday.

The event is at the new Hyatt Regency Perimeter, a wonderful hotel just across the Dunwoody border in Brookhaven (a $7 uber ride for most of Dunwoody)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DeKalb Superintendent Travels to Dunwoody in Helicopter

Having no use for simple automobiles, DeKalb County School District superintendent flies to Dunwoody High School in a helicopter, landing on the well-worn grass field. The quiet Dunwoody neighborhood enveloping Dunwoody HS and Vanderlyn Elem. was brought alive as rotating blades chopped the damp air as students watched this flying machine defy Dunwoody's Creationism logic.


Above is video of DeKalb school officials airlifting in much-needed supplies of #2 pencils, copy paper, and invisible textbooks.

Was Superintendent Green doing a fly-over of Dunwoody, searching for a new site for Austin Elementary School?  Was the flight a nod of approval to newly elected mayor Denny Shortal, a retired pilot?


Well, the superintendent is using the helicopter to visit schools with the highly acclaimed shop class STEM program. No word yet on the cost to fly the helicopter, but we are sure it's enough for Chromebooks for every kid at McNair.

No comment yet on this expense from school board member Joyce Morley.  Morley has been on a rant lately claiming the south DeKalb area schools need more money.  See more detail on Joyce Morley here.  Dr. Joyce is also known as The Love Doctor.  The good news is that Superintendent Green did first fly to McNair, because kids in S DeKalb deserve to see a helicopter as well.  In regards to north DeKalb and The Love Doctor - Either You Want Me or You Don't.  If you despise north DeKalb so much, please support HR4 so Dunwoody and other ares in the north can have their own district.  You can keep the helicopter.