Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Constitution Day Ignored, Again.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” - See more at:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” - See more at:
 “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Sorry, but this post is a repeat of blog posts I've written the past few years.  Every year Federal law is ignored on September 17th.  When your child comes home form school today ask what they learned about the US Constitution.  In most cases you'll receive a blank stare in response.

Here's last year's post.

Today is Constitution Day in the USA.  Constitution Day commemorates the September 17, 1787 signing of the United States Constitution.  When your student comes home today ask if they discussed the US Constitution, as it is statutorily required for any school receiving Federal funding.  A law was passed in 2004 requiring schools to offer an educational program on the US Constitution.

So what does the State of Georgia have on its GA Dept of Ed web site today for Constitution Day?  Nothing.  

So what tweets has GA School Super Barge sent out today for Constitution Day?  
None (same as last year)

Tweets from GA DOE on Constitution Day?  Nope.

What did the Georgia Department of Education schedule for today?  A Constitution Day celebration?  Of course not.  The Georgia Department of Education has pulled over 300 Social Studies teachers out of the classroom today for a workshop down at the Capitol.  

Where are those who oppose Common Core based on its standards regarding US History?  Many folks opposing Common Core have no idea why they oppose it.  They have no clue what is taught, and not taught, in Georgia social studies and civics classes. 

But let's go back to the Georgia's Department of Education web site.  Surely buried somewhere they have resources for teachers?

Yes, they do.  Number one resource from John Barge and Georgia?  The Anneberg Foundation Trust, financial supporters of anti-Second Amendment group the Brady Foundation.  Why did Anneberg donate to Brady? "efforts to reduce gun violence by educating the public and by enacting and enforcing regulations governing the gun industry."

Of course the Common Core Tea Party folks are again silent and ignorant on this issue.  

Imagine the uproar if teachers were to ignore other holidays.

Since your child's school and social studies teacher most likely ignored Constitution Day you can go HERE and do it yourself.  Your child will here all about Cesar Chavez in Georgia History Social Studies class but most likely nothing today on the Constitution.

If a teacher makes any statement today about the US Constitution it should be:

The Constitution was created to limit your Government, not empower it.

New Map for Early and Sunday Voting in DeKalb 2014

Base Map courtesy of City of Tucker Initiative

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dunwoody's Hottest Peppers Now Available

Dunwoody's very own private organic pepper garden is having a great crop this year.  We have Carolina Reapers, Bih Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, Scotch Bonnett, Butch-T, and an unknown.  We use tiny pieces of these peppers in our homemade salsa.  We will take some peppers and mulch in the VitaMix then spoon out into ice cube trays for use year-long.  Be extremely careful when using the VitaMix blender, perhaps do it outside.

If you want to try one of these peppers let me know.  If you know someone who likes hot peppers let them know.  Maybe a local eatery want some to make a special batch of hot wings or jerk chicken?  Organically grown here in Dunwoody.  Email if you want a food donation.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Democratic Voting Site Added in DeKalb, Brookhaven

News keeps getting better for Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter.  DeKalb County has once again amended its early voting sites, adding Brookhaven City Hall as a new site.  Now don't go thinking Brookhaven is a Conservative area; it's not.  There are pockets of Red in Brookhaven on the western section, but it's a 50/50 split at best city wide.  In 2012 the voting precinct that includes Brookhaven City Hall voted 61% Obama, and the two precincts directly east and west voted for Obama 73% and 65%.  So yes, another Democrat-leaning voting site added.

Where is the north Dunwoody location?  Are Dunwoody officials working on it?  Is our senator?

You can see the 2012 voting results on a nifty map HERE.

See story about Brookhaven being added for early voting HERE.

And Tucker and Stone Mountain locations added.  Of course these are also heavy Democrat areas as well. 

If DeKalb does open a precinct in Dunwoody they will probably suggest a precinct in the eastern edge of the city.

How about the Dunwoody Library location?  

This Sunday / Early voting issue has shown how little control we have with anything regarding the DeKalb County.  

Lee May continues to WIN this battle, shoving it in the collective faces of Dunwoody politicians and voters.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Contact CEO Lee May and Demand Sunday Voting in Dunwoody and Brookhaven

Once again DeKalb County officials find a way to irritate residents of Dunwoody.  Appointed CEO Lee May's decision to open Sunday voting only in areas where the majority of voters are Democrats is helpful to all democrats running statewide.  The race for governor and US Senate are close, and Lee May and Company will do their best to get Democrats to vote this year.

Of course we in Dunwoody can fight back and register more Republicans voters and show up to vote in November.  You can contact Lee May and members of the DeKalb Board of Registrations and Elections to let them know your thoughts on this matter.  Here is a link to the Board of Elections.  There are no emails listed so you may have to mail a letter to contact these people.  You can contact appointed and interim CEO May by email:

BOARD MEMBERS - Terms End June 30, 2015
Michael P. Coveny (NP)
1716 Barkston Court
Atlanta, GA 30341

Catherine Gilliard (R)
4617 Wendover Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Leona Perry (D)
1808 Cashmere Court
Lithonia, GA 30058

Samuel E. Tillman (D)
2283 Troutdale Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Baoky N. Vu (R)
517 Sycamore Drive
Decatur, GA 30030



Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday DeKalb Voting from Bad to Worse with Added Locations

Update:  See AJC story here.

 Will Sunday voting in DeKalb's Democrat-only areas decide the statewide elections?  Actions have consequences. 

I was glad to see Georgia Senator Fran Millar call out the elected appointed DeKalb CEO Lee May on May's attempt to increase Democratic voters and not Republican voters via Sunday voting.  May announced one Sunday voting site in south DeKalb, at a mall.  The Sunday voting will be on October 26.  The Atlanta Falcons play the Detroit Lions that day, in London England, 9:30 AM local time.  Watch for some Falcon viewing party at the south DeKalb location to lure in more voters.  

Senator Millar protested and wanted more polling stations opened.  Well, careful what you ask for in DeKalb. So now we hear the kind folks of DeKalb have announced two new locations.  No thanks.  The added locations are nearly as Democratic strongholds as the original location, and in more densely populated areas. We went from one Sunday location in a Democratic area to three Sunday voting locations in Democratic areas.

Who was the negotiator for the Republican-voting areas when adding two new voting spots in DeKalb, Al Sharpton or Nancy Pelosi?

And since when does the CEO of DeKalb dictate voting rules?  Why didn't our representatives on the DeKalb Operations Task Force fight for what they are doing in Fulton and open all voting precincts?

This botched Sunday Voting 'Negotiation' may cost Nathan Deal from becoming the governor and David Perdue from becoming our US Senator.  This botched negotiation may affect the entire country if Nunn wins the senate seat and Republicans fail by one seat to take over the US Senate.  

Where is the Dunwoody location?  How about handing over the keys to the Dunwoody-DeKalb library for Sunday voting?  Or maybe vote at Dunwoody High School that Sunday?  

Governor Deal has learned that no good deed goes unpunished with appointment of the elected appointed CEO Lee May. Said deal in 2013 when appointing May, "This will be disruptive.  But I am hopeful that the appointment of Commissioner May will make this as minimally disruptive as possible."

What's next, Sunday voting in the 'Republican stronghold' areas of Clarkston and Arabia Mountain?

We in north DeKalb are actually funding a lobbyist whose goal is to defeat independent school districts, change the HOST funding to screw Dunwoody of tens of millions of dollars over the next decades, and to generally do all he can to screw over Dunwoody and Brookhaven. He's a former Republican/Conservative now doing the dirty work for the Dems of DeKalb, a true sell-out.  He was hired by DeKalb (me and you) and receives $100,000 monthly for 24 months. His job is to lobby Republicans  against Dunwoody and Brookhaven. How bizarre that taxpayers in Dunwoody are fighting for an independent school district while paying for a lobbyist to block it. No wonder there are forces gathering to prevent Nancy Jester from getting elected. Hey Chuck M., how do you sleep at night? $100,000 a month buys a soul.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bank of America to Replace Hickory House?

How about a Waffle House? This would be an awesome addition to Dunwoody. 
A McDonald's probably has four times the sales per square foot than a Waffle House, but it would be great for some late night dining in da Vil.

Is another bank on the way for the Dunwoody's Main Street?  Bank of America has locations in Georgetown and over by Sprouts, but nothing in the Dunwoody Village area.  Is a Bank of America replacing Hickory House?  

There must be lots of deposits in the 30338.
This version of a B of A branch may be coming to Dunwoody

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

McDonald's to Dunwoody Village?

Currently there are four McDonald's fast-food restaurants in Dunwoody: 

1.  Ashford Dunwoody by the mall (a fancy design and very busy location)
2.  Mt. Vernon/TillyMill/Dunwoody Club intersection  (gets a daily beat-down by Chick fil a)
3.  Wal-Mart (inside)
4.  Cotillion Drive in Georgetown area (busy, off of 285 exit ramp)

Is a 5th on the way?

As most of you know, Hickory House is closed and now for sale. The property will be sold to the highest bidder, via a closed envelope bid process.  May the deepest pockets win.  Old Hickory House had a drive-in window at some point in time, so the lot is most likely approved for a drive-thru.  

If it becomes official that a McDonald's buys the lot, it will take under one minute for the following demands to be made by people who don't own the McDonald's and won't eat at the McDonald's:

1. no drive thru
2. two bike racks
3. back-lit signs only
4. no golden arches
5. no drive thru 
6. close at 10 PM
7. donate to my school's team/club
8. no drive thru
9. senior discounts
10. can I have a car wash here since BK closed?

With an estimated sale price of above $700,000, don't look for a small mom and pop diner or fruity cafe to replace Old Hickory House.  This is prime real estate on Dunwoody's Main Street.  If you buy that lot and and pay big bucks for it, you'll need high volume and traffic to recoup your investment.  And nothing says volume like a Big Mac.  

A McDonald's here could do well.  First, it will offer free WiFi for those too cheap or too poor to buy their own WiFi. I've seen people camp out at Starbucks for hours at a time, using the place as their personal office - all for the cost of a small short Fizzio soda.  Imagine the backpack guy sitting alone in a booth (a booth designed for four people, but hey, a guy needs some office space) for a few hours, nursing a coffee.  And a McDonald's is great for the old guy crowd.  The BP gas station posse may even sneak over once a week.  Old people seem to enjoy McDonald's.  

The tween crowd is not that much into McDonald's.  They like to hang out at Panera, Starbuck's, and Village Burger.  I doubt the cool factor includes Mickey D's.  How about the 10 and under crowd?  Will Dunwoody moms (you can order a Dunwoody Mom T-shirt via take their kids?  Maybe.

Note: Don't confuse the NEW "Dunwoody Mom" shirts for sale with this original from a few years ago:
This shirt is NOT the shirts for sale

As we learned when Walgreen's briefly considered going 24 hours in da Vil, there is no rule saying you can't be open 24 hours a day.  How do you feel about a 24/7 McDonald's?  How about a colonial Williamsburg designed McDonald's.
If McDonald's does buy this property the DunwoodyStaff will need to add some words to our DT dictionary.  We already have ideas to work in terms such as McFarmHouzer, McWoody, and McDonaldson-Chesnut-Spruill Farm-fresh egg McMuffin.

The price range for a McDonald's property ranges from $500,000 to $2.5 million and has a 4,000 square foot building on a 1.1 acre lot.  The Hickory House lot is only .8 acres.  The minimum lot size for a McDonald's is .75 acres so the space is okay for a smaller footprint McDonald's.

A McDonald's would most likely be the death of the neighboring Burger King.  How that Burger King stays open is a mystery.  They have a decent 'ladder on the truck/van' crowd for lunch, but not much else.  On a side note, are there no Burger Kings in Sandy Springs?  Why do clubs and teams from North Springs High School use the Dunwoody Burger King for fundraisers?  I know they have dirty cars over by North Springs, I see them often. 

Will the BP Posse relocate to a McDonald's?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Property Rights Mean Nothing in Dunwoody?

By a 6-1 vote Dunwoody's city council voted to deny a landowner from sub-dividing his property. Where are our local Tea Party an Liberty Party folks?  The Red Shirt Posse won a spot on council last election - did they see their man waffle and crumble and vote against property rights?  Come on Councilman R., where's that Tea Party stance?  Norb and the gang must be disappointed.  I know everyone on council and they all are great people, but they got this one wrong.

Last night the city council voted to stop a property owner from sub-dividing a lot.  The lot owner in Dunwoody Club Forest has a large lot, over 38,000 square feet.  The plan is to create two lots, each approximately 19,000 square feet.  These newly created lots would not be the smallest lots in Dunwoody Club Forest.  You can go the Dunwoody's GIS web site and use the measuring tool and find quite a few lots in the .4 acre range.  And you'll find lots a lot bigger as well.  The average lot in DCF is reportedly to be 24,000 sq feet (approx), so the new lots are smaller than average, but not the smallest.

The houses that will be were to be might be built would have a higher value than many homes in DCF, perhaps worth more than most.  But DCF homeowners are not focused on home value; they are focused on maintaining the character of the neighborhood.  Most seem to oppose the in-fill and a large new home on a smaller lot.

What happens when lots are subdivided?  Do newer, more expensive homes in the neighborhood equal higher values for existing homes? Not necessarily.  If you own a well-maintained home with some upgrades and renovations, your home value would not be harmed by new homes nearby.  For those whose homes have not been maintained or updated or renovated, then your home most likely declines in value if lot sub-dividing occurs often.   Your home value drops and only your lot has value.  Prospective buyers view your lot as a blank slate and the tearing the home down is another expense on the way to building something new.  Sad in a way, but is it the Government's role to control supply and demand for residential lots in Dunwoody Club Forest? Is it city council's job to protect you (your home value) from newer homes on lots that still meet the zoning requirements?  If you believe it is the city's role to protect your home value, then you should be opposed to every new home application in Dunwoody.  You should have stuck around last night and opposed the rezoning for the 55 condos.  You should have shown up and opposed the new fancy homes going to be built across from the Vermack pool (home to the world-champion Vermack Viking swim team).

The DCF case and council decision is about mob rule.  The mob opposes the subdivide and the elected officials (6 of 7) agreed with the mob.  There was no rezoning decision last night.  The new lots met the city's definition for DCF's zoning class. No rules were broken (the order in which the paperwork was submitted was a technical issue that could have been corrected quite easily) and no one suffered any harm.  No water run-off issues occurred and no setbacks were violated.  

The case came down to securing votes for future elections and a few words in a city document that says, "in a manner compatible with existing development'.  Now that's a loose set of words for sure.  Is building a $700,000 home in a neighborhood with homes valued from $400,000 to over $1 million compatible?  Is building a home on a 19,000 square foot lot compatible with some neighboring homes built on 18,000 square foot lots?

Would I want the subdivide if I owned a home there?  Probably not, unless I too planned on selling my lot at some point in the future.  The victory is one for the homeowners in Dunwoody Club Forest.  The defeat belongs to the property owner, property owners throughout Dunwoody, and the taxpayers. This case is probably headed to court, and the city will pay to defend its position that property rights are inferior to its own personal opinions on what is compatible. Taxpayers will pay the price either way this shakes out.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Nancy Jester for DeKalb Commissioner

We know, it's a bit early to start talking about candidates, but we here at DunwoodyTalk would love to see Nancy Jester as our next DeKalb District 1 commissioner.  She did a great job exposing financial issues within DeKalb's school system, and it seems that skill is needed at the county commission.

The existing county commissioners won't want her there, investigating spending and contracts, so look for people outside of District 1 to support candidates not willing to take a stand for the taxpayers.

We support Nancy Jester for DeKalb County Commissioner, District 1. Looks like the special election will be on the November ballot.

O.C.G.A. § 21-2-540

Copyright 2014 by The State of Georgia
All rights reserved.

*** Current Through the 2014 Regular Session ***


O.C.G.A. § 21-2-540  (2014)

§ 21-2-540.  Conduct of special elections generally 

   (a) Every special election shall be held and conducted in all respects in accordance with the provisions of this chapter relating to general elections; and the provisions of this chapter relating to general elections shall apply thereto insofar as practicable and as not inconsistent with any other provisions of this chapter. All special elections held at the time of a general election, as provided by Code Section 21-2-541, shall be conducted by the poll officers by the use of the same equipment and facilities, so far as practicable, as are used for such general election.

(b) At least 29 days shall intervene between the call of a special primary and the holding of same, and at least 29 days shall intervene between the call of a special election and the holding of same. The period during which candidates may qualify to run in a special primary or a special election shall remain open for a minimum of two and one-half days. Special elections which are to be held in conjunction with the presidential preference primary, a state-wide general primary, or state-wide general election shall be called at least 90 days prior to the date of such presidential preference primary, state-wide general primary, or state-wide general election; provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to special elections held on the same date as such presidential preference primary, state-wide general primary, or state-wide general election but conducted completely separate and apart from such state-wide general primary or state-wide general election using different ballots or voting equipment, facilities, poll workers, and paperwork. Notwithstanding any provision of this subsection to the contrary, special elections which are to be held in conjunction with the state-wide general primary or state-wide general election in 2014 shall be called at least 60 days prior to the date of such state-wide general primary or state-wide general election.

(c) (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a special primary or special election to fill a vacancy in a county or municipal office shall be held only on one of the following dates which is at least 29 days after the date of the call for the special election:

      (A) In odd-numbered years, any such special election shall only be held on:

         (i) The third Tuesday in March;

         (ii) The third Tuesday in June;

         (iii) The third Tuesday in September; or

         (iv) The Tuesday after the first Monday in November; and

      (B) In even-numbered years, any such special election shall only be held on:

         (i) The third Tuesday in March; provided, however, that in the event that a special election is to be held under this provision in a year in which a presidential preference primary is to be held, then any such special election shall be held on the date of and in conjunction with the presidential preference primary;

         (ii) The date of the general primary; or

         (iii) The Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

   (2) Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a special election to present a question to the voters shall be held only on one of the following dates which is at least 29 days after the date of the call for the special election:

      (A) In odd-numbered years, any such special election shall only be held on the third Tuesday in March or on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November; and

      (B) In even-numbered years, any such special election shall only be held on:

         (i) The date of and in conjunction with the presidential preference primary if one is held that year;

         (ii) The date of the general primary; or

         (iii) The Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

   (3) The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to:

      (A) Special elections held pursuant to Chapter 4 of this title, the "Recall Act of 1989," to recall a public officer or to fill a vacancy in a public office caused by a recall election; and

      (B) Special primaries or special elections to fill vacancies in federal or state public offices.

(d) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, the superintendent of each county or municipality shall publish the call of the special election.

(e) Candidates in special elections for partisan offices shall be listed alphabetically on the ballot and may choose to designate on the ballot their party affiliation. The party affiliation selected by a candidate shall not be changed following the close of qualifying.

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CV Classic 5K at Dunwoody's Peachtree Middle School October 18

Peachtree Charter Middle School 5th Annual CV Classic Saturday, October 18th, 8:00 am - 10:00 am This Year's Theme: COMMIT 2B Fit

Join us at the 5th Annual CV Classic here at Peachtree Charter Middle School (PCMS).  Both courses will start and end on the PCMS track.  5K begins at 8:00 am and 1 mile Run/Walk begins at 8:30 am.

As part of our theme "Commit 2B Fit", Northside Hospital is offering FREE screenings for persons over 18.

Registration forms are available at

Individual registration is $20 by September 5, $25 Sept 6-Oct 18; family sponsorships are available for $100 (includes two registrations). All proceeds will go to the PCMS Foundation to provide a school nurse for our students.

Race Number Pickup: Thursday Oct 16th from 4-6 PM, Friday Oct 17th 10am - 2pm in PCMS gym. Race numbers are also available day of event starting at 7am.

Parking available at Peachtree and neighboring Chesnut Elementary. 

CV Classic runners

Sponsor & Celebrity Ribbon Cutting CV Classic 2013

2013 winners with Coach G

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Old Hickory House For Sale

An alert DunwoodyTalk reader sent us a photo of a 'for sale' sign posted on the front door of the Old Hickory House. Rumor on the street says a bank is interested in the property and is already in negotiations.  

But expect a bidding war for the coveted spot.  A local cyclist is spearheading a group of investors to put in a Petals and Pedals franchise.  Petals and Pedals, with its corporate headquarters in Ashvile, NC (and its franchise arm based in Berkeley, CA) is a new concept sweeping suburbia.  The stores are half bike shop, half organic/locally farmed & grown green cafe. "We are seeing great franchise growth since UN Agenda 21 was signed into law by Executive Order by Obama," said Penelope Burkinstalk. "Our citizens of the World should know we offer only resting spots for bicycles and electric cars here. One can get her bike chain and bike seat lubed in the 'pedal' zone while enjoying a piece of toasted pine bark and butterfly mucus dip in the 'petal' zone.

"We're interested in a financial institution of some sort, either a traditional bank or an investment house arm location," said Katie Wescaught, a representative of the Dunwoody Chamber. "Dunwoody is proud to offer first-class banking options for metro Atlanta.

But Yvonne Sprinkle, a spokesperson for the CVB disagreed.  "The CVB anticipates a more traditional retail offering such as a pet store or a check cashing store. Everyone knows we have plenty of banks here."

Bill Robsman of the DHA disagreed with both the CVB and Chamber. "As long as it's Williamsburg traditional design in nature, we support the steam car wash moving to this location, or possibly a pawn shop, massage parlor, or methadone clinic. Dunwoody lacks all those amenities but they are all in demand."

Other rumors suggest the Georgia Music Hall of Fame may be eyeing the location as is the Dunwoody Dog Park Association.

Local breakfast seekers are having a tough go of it this week.  "I tried getting a seat over at the BP this morning, but those old guys wouldn't budge. They show up at like 6 AM and hang out until noon. What's up with that?" asked Bob Lunger.  Terri Knawl, a frequent Hick House visitor commented, "I'm a basic eggs and toast guy. Quinos bowls and Crepes? What the hell? I can't go there," as he pointed across the street.

Eric Monahan Spruill said he is at his last straw. "You really think I want to sit down every morning at home for breakfast and have my wife tell me about the kids' school work and hear about her Alta team? I'm headed to the Waffle House over there in Georgetown until,this gets sorted out."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Old Hickory House, The Manuel's Tavern of Dunwoody, Closed

The Old Hickory House, a favorite of many locals, has closed its doors.  Most folks visited HH for breakfast. The evening crowd was light.  Local social groups, Old Men posses, bloggers, Red Shirts, and politicians all shared the counter, booths, and tables at Hickory House.  At the HH, all Men were equal, all treated with great care and respect, regardless of your order.  Guys like Farmer Bob would get a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, while DunwoodyTalk staffers would get Country Chicken with Gravy, a side of bacon, and  a Diet Coke in a to-go cup.

Old Hickory House
Lot size is .8 acres and building approx 4200 sq feet. Valued at $1.1 million, up from $870,000 last year

DunwoodyTalk staffers had many great meetings at the Old Hickory House.  It was here I met the legendary Nancy, on her first trip to Dunwoody during her local school board campaign.  Local political folks known only by first name dined here.  The likes of Fran, Dan, Tom, Danny, Terry, and Mike all broke bread toast at HH.

I think the Dunwoody Preservation Trust should buy one of the booths from HH and put it on display at the FarmHouse or FarmHouse 2 for future generations to see.  It can have a temporary display at Lemonade Days so our youth can learn to appreciate a part of Dunwoody's past.  Me, I want that sign advertising Smoked Turkeys For Sale that dangled from the back. I remember when HH sold bottles of Budweiser.  The manager at the time joked that the employees drank more beer than they sold, so they discontinued selling beer.  I thought that he was funny and honest when he told me that.

Old Hickory House joins a few other restaurants that have closed.  Firkin Gryphon, Allison's, Macaroni Grill, and China Garden II all gone.  But when one door closes, another opens.  Replacing Firkin Gryphon is the new Memphis Barbecue Company.  Wild Wing Cafe is replacing Macaroni Grill, and something is replacing China Garden II

Did a new BBQ joint opening a few miles away contribute to the closing of Old Hickory House?  I doubt it.  Hickory House was  responsible for its own demise.  The place was not known for 90+ health scores and a bright, clean facility.  Good breakfast food and decent service, but apparently not enough customers?  Or, do they plan to sell the hot-spot for a profit?  Dunwoody has changed the past two decades, and there are many more places to enjoy prepared food. (Note: Slope's BBQ in Sandy Springs is a great BBQ joint.  Check out Scout Mob for a $10 off coupon).  FirstWatch took some breakfast and lunch clients from HH.  HH did not change with Dunwoody.

I'll probably be asked to resign from the DHA (Dunwoody Homeowners Association) when I say that HH's location is perfect for a Waffle House, but it is a perfect spot for a Waffle House.  I know, it's not off a major interstate, but the traffic count on Dunwoody's Main Street (aka Chamblee Dunwoody Road) would support it.  The local teens love WH and the Dunwoody Tavern faithful can fill it late night.  With State Farm bringing hundreds of 24/7 reps to work in Perimeter, these folks will want a place to go at 5 AM for a bite to eat.  Would a Zaxby's make it at that location?  I am not alone when I say that I hope another bank does not take that spot, but it wouldn't surprise me.  A pizza place?  Doubtful. A burger place?  Nope.

Possible Options for the HH spot:

Pollo Tropical,  Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Grub, Newk's, A Chinese place? A bar?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome Back to School Dunwoody

Parents across Dunwoody rejoice as the DeKalb schools open their doors for students.  We wish much success for all the kids and teachers.  Our district is not perfect, but we do have lots of great students, parents, teachers, and admin staff at our local schools.